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Company profile of Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria

Inter HECS provides consulting services in the field of education in Bulgaria. We have up-to-date information regarding entry requirements and study programmes. Also, we organize open days, annual meetings and many other networking events! Last but not least, we help students with finding an accommodation place, buying a SIM card or opening a bank account as well as organize training and preparatory courses. 

Study in Bulgaria - Mission: The mission of Inter HECS is to contribute to all students through the pursuit of education in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or any other specialty of their interest. The management of the company and all its employees work tirelessly to improve the quality of higher education by cooperating with the largest and most prestigious universities in Bulgaria.

Study in Bulgaria - Aim: Our main aim is to encourage and give clear direction to young people who wish to acquire knowledge and skills so they can fulfill their plans for the future and reach their better tomorrow. We know that the road to success is fraught with difficulties and that is why we are ready to be there for our students from the moment of choosing the university to the moment of their graduation.

Study in Bulgaria - Desire: Our desire is to build more qualified, more competent and better society. We believe we can do it – thanks to the strong and ambitious management of the company that seeks and finds new ways and tactics to perfection; to the devoted work of our employees and last but not least – through the excellent results and the high achievements of our students!

Study in Bulgaria - Inter HECS: The aims of Inter HECS are set high and we strive to provide the best services with attention and understanding.