Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The team of Inter HECS is constantly engaged in contributing to our society - not only by getting students and universities in touch, but also by being active in different fields where providing help and support is essential.

  • Visiting the retirement home "Longevity"

Twice a month, Inter HECS team members visit the retirement home "Longevity" in Sofia, Bulgaria. There, we enjoy playing chess, backgammon and even volleyball with the elderly. The initiative is called "Restart" which aims to "restart" the lost connection between all generations. If you are interested in joining our team and expanding your out-of-class acitivies during your stay and studies in Bulgaria, feel free to contact us!

  • Book donation

Not everyone can afford the new "Game of Thrones" book. Online access to modern literature is also not guaranteed, especially when it comes to elderly people or small children who do not know where to look for. Hence, on 20th April 2016, Inter HECS had the honor of meeting representatives of the “Ivan Vazov” community center in the village of Dolno Sahrane, Bulgaria. The occasion for this meeting was our donation of 45 books (328 lv.), which included bestsellers like “Lord of the rings” as well as classics like “Bulgarian chronicles” by Stefan Tsanev.

  • Winter campaign

Everyone must have warm and happy holidays! In December 2016, Inter HECS sent a box full with warm winter surprises to the children of the Butan village in Bulgaria. Together, the team members collected shirts, jackets, scarfs, winter hats, pairs of gloves and pairs of winter socks.