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"At first I was quite skeptic about using an agency to deal with my application to a foreign university. However this company is one that puts your mind at ease, I had a short time frame to apply to study at Sofia Medical University but the Inter HECS team were very professional and dealt with my application rapidly with no hassle. They are a company that always put their clients at the top of their lists, and will always be there for you for any problems or worries you may face over the course of your study at the University."

Mohammed Abdul Razak, United Kingdom
Dental Medicine student at Sofia Medical University

Steps to become a student in Bulgaria

After making the decision of studying in Bulgaria, you should follow a number of necessary steps in order to be successfully admitted into the University of your choice. The most important step is the collection and submission of the documents to the University. We are well-aware the application procedure is time-consuming and that filling out an application form in a wrong way can cost you money and a gap year. Hence, the team of Inter HECS is here to help you with your application.

Once you decide to work with us, we guide you through all steps which are necessary when you wish to enroll in a study program at a Bulgarian university. We provide you with up-to-date and detailed information regarding necessary documents and deadlines. Moreover, by assisting you with buying a SIM card, finding a TV and Wi-Fi provider, renting an apartment in Bulgaria and applying for a residence permit, we make sure that your stay in Bulgaria is fully arranged

Applying for a university program in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or any other specialty is no longer something you should worry about - this is why we are here for you!

Study in Bulgaria - Admission