EU students

EU students in Bulgaria

Good news! If your home country is a member of the European union, you do not need to apply for a visa in order to study in Bulgaria. The only challenge ahead of you is the application process. Nevertheless, the team of Inter HECS is here to help you with every step you take - collecting the documents, submitting them, registering at the university to even arranging your life in Bulgaria. Your future career in the field of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy or any other specialty is guaranteed as you get enrolled and receive a diploma which is recognized all over the world. The only thing to keep in mind is that you are allowed to stay three months in Bulgaria without a residence permit. This is like a Bulgarian ID that you need to apply for after you begin your studies. Don't worry - we assist you with the application for this document as well!

Become a citizen of the world by starting your higher education at one of the best universities in Bulgaria. Studying abroad and completing a degree in a Bulgarian university will guarantee this experience. 

Study abroad in Bulgaria