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The must-visits in Bulgaria

The best places to visit in Bulgaria - part 3

There are so many must-visit stops in Bulgaria that one article is just not enough! Enjoy the list of the best places to visit in Bulgaria during your studies and stay in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

15. Devetashka cave

Devetashka cave is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria. Besides its archaeological finds, the cave is also famous for the variety of animal species.
What to do? Enter the cave and enjoy the incredible atmosphere. Pay attention to details. If you look carefully you’ll see many of the natural inhabitants of this place – bats. From the central hall (about 200 meters from the entrance) the main road separates into two branches. The left one is more than two kilometers long. There, you can see a small river that runs through the central hall and flows into Osam river. The right one is dry and warm. This branch ends in a small gallery with a round room, known by the name Altar.
When to visit? When planning your trip keep in mind that the Water Gallery is closed for visitors between 1st November and 1st April, and the dry gallery – between 25th May and 31st July. The reason for this is the mating season of animals inhabiting the cave. The bright part of the cave is open to visitors throughout the whole year.
How to go? Travel direction Lovech (by bus or by car). From there take the road for Devetaki village (you will see signs on the road). About 2 km before the village there is deviation, so you have to turn right. Afterward, you will have to cross a bridge. On the left side, you will see a trail (3 km long) that will take you to the cave.
How much does it cost? There is a small fee to enter the cave – you pay it at the entrance.
Where to stay? You can book an accommodation place in Lovech. It is a beautiful town famous for the Lovech fortress and the covered bridge.

16. Haskovo and the Monument of the Holy Mother of God

Haskovo is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria. It is mainly famous for the huge Monument of the Holy Mother of God which is listed in the Guinness world records book.
What to do? Haskovo is a nice city and we recommend walking along its pedestrian zone! The long street will take you around many shops, pubs and cafes. Also, the Monument of the Holy Mother of God is close to it, so make sure you go up the stairs (it is located on a small hill) to take a picture of it and enjoy the view over Haskovo.
When to visit? As walking around the city is recommended, we would rather visit Haskovo in spring, summer or autumn – when the weather is quite nice.
How to go? Take a bus or rent a car to Haskovo.
How much does it cost? The bus ticket depends on where you live and the entrance to the Monument of the Holy Mother of God is free of charge.
Where to stay? There are many hotels in Haskovo.

17. Asen’s fortress and Bachkovo Monastery

Another interesting destination that we strongly recommend is Asen’s fortress („Asenova krepost”) and the Bachkovo Monastery. The fortress is located on a high rocky ridge next to Asenitsa river so if you are into views – that’s the place to be.
When to visit? Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for this trip.
How to go? Travel direction Asenovgrad by bus or car. We recommend using GPS as both sightseeing places are not located on the main road. 
What to do? You can make a great walk from the town of Asenovgrad to the fortress. The road is paved and comfortable and it will take you about 30 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful scenery! Do not miss to visit the church, which is located at the fortress and is an important cultural monument.
Where to stay? You can book your hotel in the town of Asenovgrad, which offers a variety of hotels at affordable prices. While you are there, we highly recommend trying Bulgarian dishes typical for this region!

18. Eho hut

Eho hut is located in the middle of the Balkan mountains and it is one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria if you are into mountains (and views!). 
When to visit? It is cold in the mountains, so we recommend visiting the place during the summer months.
How to go? There are several places that you can reach by public transportation or car. From there, you will need at least 4-6 hours of hiking in order to reach the hut. These villages/ places are: Ribaritsa, Troyan Pass (Beklemeto), Rozino (railway), Hristo Danovo (railway) and Klisura (railway).
What to do? Firstly, find someone who has already been to the place (or hire a mountain guide) so that you don’t get lost. Once you reach the hut, ask around for routes that are close to it and explore the area. There is a small church close to the hut – it is very romantic!
How much does it cost? Of course, the mountains are free of charge. Sleeping over at the hut is about 15 BGN per night.
Where to stay? Eho hut, of course.

19. Bansko and Vihren peak

Bansko is one of the ski and SPA resorts in Bulgaria so it is definitely a must-visit. Vihren peak, located in Pirin mountain, is one of the most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria – from above, you will see many lakes, other peaks and forests. 
When to visit? If you are interested in skiing, visit Bansko in December, January, February or March. If you are into hiking, we recommend the summer months as it is quite cold when you reach the peak.
How to go? Catch a bus or rent a car to Bansko. Ask at the hotel about minibuses that go to Vihren hut (from there, you start the hike to Vihren peak).
What to do? Enjoy your stay in Bansko! If you want to go hiking, take a bus to Vihren hut (it is an hour away from Bansko). From there, you will need to hike for about 3 hours in order to reach the peak. The route is lovely and we totally recommend it! Also, if you are into extreme sports, Koncheto ridge („The small horse“) is somewhat nearby.
How much does it cost? Exploring the mountains is free of charge. Staying at any hotel in Bansko depends on the accommodation you choose.
Where to stay? Bansko or Vihren hut.

20. Pamporovo and Snezhanka

Pamporovo is one of the ski resorts in Bulgaria and Snezhanka TV tower is right next to it. If you are into skiing, visiting the resort and taking a picture with Snezhanka covered in snow is a must!
When to visit? In December, January, February or March.
How to go? Catch a bus – there are plenty of buses that offer to take you to Pamporovo during the winter months.
What to do? Pamporovo has many ski ways so rent a pair of ski boots and enjoy winter to the fullest!
How much does it cost? Check all prices regarding ski equipment, passes etc. on the website of Pamporovo.
Where to stay? You can either stay in Pamporovo or Smolyan (the closest city).

21. The lakes and dams in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not only famous for the lovely beaches and great mountains but for the beautiful lakes and dams. We recommend visiting three dams: Kardzhali, Iskar and Vacha; as well as three lakes: Beglika, Dospat and Arkutino.
When to visit? We recommend the spring, summer or autumn months as the nature surrounding the lakes and dams will be very colourful.
How to go? We recommend renting a car – most lakes and dams are not accessible via public transportation.
What to do? Sleep at a bungaloo close to the dam or the lake. You will most certainly enjoy the morning views and maybe even try a canoe tour.

23. Rayskoto praskalo

Rayskoto Praskalo is the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. It is located in the Balkan mountains.

What to do? The waterfall is the perfect destination for adventurers, hiking lovers, people into rock climbing, ecotourism or just fresh mountain air. Prepare your camera for selfies and breathtaking photos and let your adventure start!
When to visit? Choose summer – the weather is warm and you will definitely enjoy this in the mountains.
How to go? Rent a car and travel direction Kalofer. Four km away from Kalofer is the „Panitsite“ area which is your final destination by car. This is where the hiking trail starts – it should take you about 4 hours of hiking to reach Ray hut. The route is marked but we recommend taking someone with you who has already visited the place or using the services of a mountain guide.
How much does it cost? The entry is free of charge.
Where to stay? You can book a hotel in Kalofer or spend the night at the Ray hut. 

24. Koral

Coral Beach is one of the few remaining wild beaches on the Southern coast of Bulgaria. The beach is really beautiful and very clean.

What to do? Enjoy the long, sandy beach and crystal clear waters. You can practice various beach games and water sports. Fans of surfing and kitesurfing often visit Coral to practice their favourite hobby. There are two surf schools where work some of the best surf instructors in Bulgaria. In case you are keen on diving in Koral you will find two of the most experienced and best divers in the country who can help you explore the seabed.
When to visit? Summer! From early June to late August you can come and enjoy this beauty!
How to go? The easiest way to visit this wonderful place is to catch a bus to Lozenets (a Bulgarian sea resort). From there you can catch a mini bus to Coral beach.
Where to stay? If you are not a fan of the luxury hotels, you are at the right place – tents and caravans occupy a large part of the beach. You have two options. Firstly, if you have your own tent, you can simply enjoy camping at Koral. Or, if you prefer staying at a hotel, you can find and book a suitable hotel room in Lozenets.

25. Tryavna

Tryavna is a beautiful small town famous for the typical Bulgarian architecture and the beautiful nature.

When to go? It is nice to visit the place all year round. In winter, it might be a bit cold we recommend visiting the place in spring, summer or autumn.
What to do? 
Walk around the town and stay at a family hotel or house! Take a picture at the Dyado Nikola square, the Givgiren bridge and in front of the clock tower. Walk along the „P. R. Slaveykov“ street where you will see many local craftsmen. Close to Tryavna, you can also visit the Bacho Kiro cave, Dryanovo Monastery and the architectural reserves Etara and Bozhentsi. 
How to go? 
By train, bus or a car.
Where to stay? 
There are many hotels in Tryavna. We recommend places that have traditional Bulgarian furniture and offer homemade breakfast – this way, the experience will be unforgettable!
How much does it cost? The accommodation costs depend on the hotel you choose.

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