Spring in Bulgaria: Things to do

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Spring in Bulgaria: Things to do

Spring in Bulgaria - things to do

Spring is here! And it gives you a (new) chance to make the most out of your stay in Bulgaria! In the following we provide you with five ideas that will definitely improve your mood during one of the most pleasant seasons in Bulgaria:


All over social media channels there are plenty of articles about gyms and tips and tricks on how to get a „summer body“ before it is too late… Remember: the most important thing is that you feel good in the body and skin you live in! Hence, we definitely recommend trying different sports. Doing sports does not have to be boring – it might just mean you have not found your thing yet! There are many gyms and places in Bulgaria that offer yoga, dances, boxing, fencing … so explore a bit, give them a try and you might actually find the thing that makes you wake up early in the morning or put on your sports shoes after long lectures. It is important to enjoy what you do – this way you will keep your motivation up!

Spring in Bulgaria makes days longer so you have more daylight to enjoy sports outside!

PS: Here you can check some of the biggest gyms and sports clubs close to Sofia Medical University!


Do you have a day off? Why don’t you spend it outside? You can also rent a car and travel around Bulgaria or spend your weekend abroad – beautiful cities like Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Skopje and Bucharest are not so far away! Also, we are sure that exploring Bulgaria will make your stay here even more memorable and will make you love the country and locals even more! Here you can find a list of the must-visit places in Bulgaria that you should visit at least once!

Spring in Bulgaria is beautiful so explore and travel as much as possible!

PS: One-day trips from Sofia or Plovdiv are also a great idea!

Find a job/ volunteer

Do you want to earn some extra cash? Or do you simply want to do something good for the society in your free time? That’s great!

Finding a job in Bulgaria for a foreigner is not the easiest thing, but there are plenty of job vacancies for people who speak English (even part-time) so the only thing you need is a bit of free time and motivation. This will help you become more financially independent and will definitely make you feel better! We often offer free CV checks, so don’t forget to contact us and follow us on Facebook to be the first one to know about our student-friendly events!

Spring in Bulgaria also opens up many volunteering opportunities – visiting different animal shelters, helping out with cleaning up parks in the city, etc. 

PS: Did you know that timeheroes.org is the biggest volunteering platform in Bulgaria?

Try something new

Did you know that in Bulgaria you can choose among more than 20 types of extreme sports? These include rafting, paragliding and scuba diving! After the ski season is over, it is time to enjoy the sunny weather and sports that don’t require a warm jacket! For instance, rafting in spring in Struma river is simply one of a kind! So be open to new experiences, explore different opportunities in your area and take your friends with you!

Spring in Bulgaria makes it possible for people to enjoy great weather while trying something new!

PS: Don’t forget to check out different websites that offer discounts and extreme sports for a low price!

Go to the mountains

The snow is almost gone, so put on your sports shoes and go to the mountains – the trees are blossoming so the view will take your breath away! For instance, Vitosha mountain is only about half an hour away from the city centre from Sofia (via public transport). Also, Bulgaria is covered with high and beautiful mountains like Pirin and Rila (you have probably heard about Seven Rila Lakes, one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria)! 

Spring in Bulgaria means green grass and colorful trees – enjoy the sunny weather and take plenty of pictures!

PS: Don’t forget to bring some medicine every time you go to the mountains – better safe than sorry!

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