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Apply to study in Bulgaria with Inter HECS

Why choose Inter HECS

Do you want to study in Bulgaria? We are sure you already know the reasons why Bulgarian higher education is great, but let us also tell you why applying with Inter HECS might be just your thing:

1. Inter HECS has a local office in Bulgaria in order to help all international students.

For the convenience of all international students, our office is based in Bulgaria – this is how we make sure we are in touch with all Bulgarian Universities on a daily basis and this is how we guarantee that we are here to support you even after you are admitted in Bulgaria.

2. Inter HECS’ team members are from Bulgaria so that international students take advice from locals.

Our students often receive post in Bulgarian language and the information provided by the University is in Bulgarian language – this is where the nationality of our team really makes a difference. As locals we are here to translate everything for you and give you tips on where to go/ what to visit while you are here in Bulgaria.

3. Inter HECS has more than 15 years of experience with international students in Bulgaria.

Our management staff has been in good relations with the management staff of Bulgarian Universities for over the past 15 years – this is how we guarantee our students that the information we have is always up-to-date and there is a solution for every individual inquiry or problematic situation.

4. Inter HECS organizes multiple events abroad for future international students.

Want to meet current international students in Bulgaria? This is why we organize amazing Open Days abroad (e.g. in London and in Berlin). In addition, we have organized several networking events for future, current and past international students. Last, but not least we are pleased to organize the entrance exams of the best Bulgarian Universities abroad.

5. Inter HECS shares useful videos regarding your stay in Bulgaria.

Inter HECS creates useful videos every week – make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, we have more than 200 videos!

6. Inter HECS offers best price guarantee.

Do you know what price match is? We are certain we offer the best services for the best price – hence, if you find a company that offers the same services for a lower price, we will not only decrease the price of our services but also offer you a discount!

7. Inter HECS has no hidden fees.

On our official offers you will find what fees are not covered by us – e.g. entrance exam fees, tuition fees, etc. Get in touch with us to receive a detailed list of our services.

8. Inter HECS offers different packages suitable for your needs and finances.

We don’t want to push you when taking one of the most important decisions in your life – to study in Bulgaria! This is why we offer different packages – this way you can choose which services you are interested in and take into account your finances. Send a message to [email protected] and receive the detailed list of our services!

9. Inter HECS provides every student with a personal assistant before and in Bulgaria.

Before you come to Bulgaria the team of Inter HECS makes sure you have an appointed personal consultant that will get in touch with you at least once a week to make sure you have no questions or worries about your upcoming trip to Bulgaria. Upon arrival our team will be there with you when you: pay the University tuition fees, open a bank account, buy a SIM card, arrange your WiFi and TV, buy a transportation card, apply for a residence permit. How we do it? Well, as we said, we are here in Bulgaria – we do not only speak Bulgarian language but we are also just a few minutes away from you so that we are available around the clock! In addition, picking you up from the airport, offering you additional courses or helping you find a flat in Bulgaria are also some of our services!

10. The social media channels of Inter HECS keep you up-to-date.

We bet you have never seen social media channels that are more frequently updated! Our Facebook and Instagram page share with you interesting events in Bulgaria and news that are useful for your stay here!

11. Inter HECS offers unique transition services and Orientation weeks!

Did you know that we pick you up from the airport or that we help you find a flat in Bulgaria? In addition, we organize amazing Orientation weeks – they include a Welcome day at the University, a special day dedicated to showing you around the University and the city, another day when we will help you with opening a bank account, arranging Wi-Fi and SIM cards as well as a fun welcome get-together which will help you get to know your colleagues!

12. Inter HECS provides student books and preparation materials for the entrance test.

Quite stressed before the entry exam? Inter HECS is here to send you extra study materials for free so that you pass all exams without any problems!

13. Inter HECS guarantees that students have an amazing stay in Bulgaria – with trips and fun competitions!

We organize student trips and competitions that provides international students with the opportunity to make the most out of their stay in Bulgaria! Follow our Facebook page to be the first one to know when we organize something fun!

14. You can get in touch with Inter HECS around the clock!

We provide students with a WhatsApp number as well as Facebook account that is online 24/7! How we do it? We simply want to make sure you look forward to your stay in Bulgaria! 

15. Still not convinced? Check our reviews!

Did you know we have over 80 great reviews on Google? We love our job!

Inter HECS is a Bulgarian company and our team is from Bulgaria – hence, it is indeed people FROM Bulgaria who want to make sure YOU have the best time IN Bulgaria! Apply now with Inter HECS – just send a message to [email protected]

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