Transfer from Pleven to Sofia Medical University: Interview with a student

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Transfer from Pleven to Sofia Medical University: Interview with a student

Transfer student from Pleven to Sofia Medical University

She has successfully transferred from Pleven Medical University to Sofia Medical University and is now a full-time student in Medicine in English in the capital of Bulgaria. Her name is Zehra Ali – a British girl who truly enjoys her stay in Bulgaria and follows her dream to become a doctor! In the following you will learn more about her story…

How did you decide to study in Bulgaria?

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but the course is highly competitive in the UK. So, after having completed my Biomedical Science degree I wanted a guaranteed placement, which Bulgaria could provide. The course content was also very similar to the UK.

What is the hardest part of studying abroad?

I missed my family and friends immensely. In the first year I found it very difficult to adjust to a new country with a completely different language, with new people and surroundings.

How did you decide to transfer to Sofia Medical University?

The main aim was to reduce my travelling time to and from the UK, and I was looking to live in a more cosmopolitan and lively part of Bulgaria. With current students, I discussed the difference in teaching styles and amount of support given by teachers, and I liked what I heard.

What are the challenges of being a transfer student? How did you overcome them?

I didn’t know many people and was unfamiliar with the teaching staff, how things work etc. So finding my niche was difficult in the beginning. However, Sofia was very welcoming and friendly towards me, and I made friends quickly. Before transferring, I also familiarised myself with the area so I knew my surrounding and that helped with settling in.

How is life in Sofia so far?

I’m loving it! I have settled in quicker than I expected and am thoroughly enjoying studying here. The multicultural society is great, and everyone knows how to speak English. There’s so much to do and lots of Halal places for good food, which is definitely a plus point for me. I do still miss my family though!

Any advice for students who consider transferring?

For me, it was the best decision I ever made. The teaching staff are superb here in Sofia MU and so supportive. I ask a lot of questions and they are always at hand to explain things. There is a vibrant atmosphere in Sofia as apposed to the smaller towns. It’s right near the international airport, so convenient if you travel home a lot like me. The living costs are a bit higher but it‚Äôs worth it. If you think you’re not happy where you are, be brave and take the plunge. Do your research and compare what is available and what it is you’re looking for. Good luck!

Are you also considering transfering to a Bulgarian university? Contact us now!

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