Travel around Bulgaria and collect stamps

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Travel around Bulgaria and collect stamps

Explore Bulgaria and collect stamps - initiative

Do you love travelling?¬†Did you know that you can also get a booklet to collect stamps and postage stamps from the top 100 sightseeing places in Bulgaria? The project is called¬†„100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria“! At almost each sightseeing place (included in the list of the 100 sites) you can purchase the booklet (it costs 2 lv.) and a stamp – it is included in the¬†admission fee of the sightseeing place you are at. In addition, you can also get a postage stamp for a small price – a great idea for people who absolutely love collecting things. There is a¬†reward¬†too –¬†after you collect 25 stamps, you will get a bronze badge; after you collect 50 stamps, you receive a silver badge and after collecting 100 stamps – a gold one. Everyone who has a badge participates in a¬†lottery¬†to win a car, trips and so on!

PS: You can find the full list of all 100 tourist sites here.

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