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Preparation for Sofia Medical University entrance test

Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria

Do you wish to study Medicine at Sofia Medical University? Or maybe Dental medicine or Pharmacy? Firstly, you should know that sitting an entrance test is a must for your admission at one of the best medical universities in Europe – Sofia Medical University. In order to be extremely supportive for every prospective student and to assist them in reaching excellent results, Inter HECS is organizing a free online sample test prior to the entrance exam for Sofia Medical University. The students will have the opportunity to experience the exam conditions and to get a better understanding of the format of the paper.

In case that you need additional assistance, an online preparatory course will be held in August 2016 and will be led by professors from the university.

Also, Inter HECS provides three different dates for the actual exam which makes it suitable for each student. It is required to complete our registration form in order to sit the official exam in London.

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