10 reasons NOT to work with Inter HECS

When to avoid Inter HECS

1. You don’t want to study abroad.

You think that studying abroad won’t in any way affect your life and let you meet people from other countries and that international experience cannot boost your resume. However, Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria helps international students apply at the best Bulgarian universities. Hence, we won’t be able to meet your needs and expectations.

2. You are a risk taker when it comes to collecting and submitting your application documents for admission in a Bulgarian university.

Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria is here to help you collect and personally submit your application documents as well as guide you throughout the whole application procedure. We know the guidelines of each university so that each document goes 100% according to the rules of the respective Bulgarian university. Hence, we advise you to avoid us if you want to experience some adrenaline rush and wonder till the last moment of the application deadline if you have each necessary document and whether it is translated and legalized in the right way.

3. You find one-day trips to Bulgaria fun and amazing.

… especially when you have to sit the entrance test for a university in Bulgaria. Or you want to find an apartment before the start of the academic year.  Inter HECS organizes the entrance test for the best Bulgarian Universities in different countries – United Kingdom, Greece, etc. as well as helps you arrange your stay in Bulgaria beforehand. Our motto is “You only need to come to Bulgaria when your studies start”. Hence, if exam stress does not apply to you (and you want to come to Bulgaria, sit the test the next day and then go back to your home country) or you prefer to catch flights to Bulgaria on a regular basis and book hotels at least once a month, there is no need to contact Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria.

4. You only trust a team that is minimum 20 years older than you.

The team members of Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria are on average about 25 years old. Hence, don’t choose to work with us if you think our advices about the student life (or night life) in Bulgaria are not as trustworthy as the information from someone who is older than 40 years old. Why shouldn’t they be able to give you up-to-date information regarding being a student in the 80’s?

5. You prefer to work with a student recruitment agency that has no headquarters in Bulgaria.

The headquarter of Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria is located in Bulgaria (and also right next to Sofia Medical University) which allows us to establish partnerships with university staff on a daily basis. Our team members are also Bulgarians so we speak the local language and understand how everything in Bulgaria works. If you think that a student recruitment agency based somewhere else is more convenient for you, don’t send us an official inquiry via [email protected].

6. You are not likely to need any help or assistance in Bulgaria throughout your studies.

Once again, our headquarter is located in Bulgaria so we guarantee full ongoing support in Bulgaria and have nowhere to hide – students visit us every time they need someone to help them translate a document, join them to a bank or even help them find the best restaurant in a Bulgarian city. But if you feel like being independent and struggling with the Bulgarian language is something you enjoy on a daily basis, you don’t need to visit our office at 8 Milosardna street in Sofia, Bulgaria.

7. You don’t want to have Bulgarian friends.

The team members of Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria are Bulgarians so we will only be able to help you practice your Bulgarian language skills, share with you where the best apartments in each city are and give you inside tips and tricks on how to survive in Bulgaria. However, if you feel like sticking to people from your home country and the above-mentioned advices are anything but necessary, there is no need to contact us via [email protected].

8. You are in Bulgaria to study and not to have fun.

The team of Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria organizes leisure activities for their students (football games, trips around Bulgaria, photo contests, etc.). Hence, if you want to focus only on your studies and to avoid fun student life in Bulgaria, there is no need to join our Facebook groups for leisure activities in Bulgaria.

9. You don’t want to learn Bulgarian language well or any other subject as a matter of fact.

Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria offers preparatory courses as well as individual courses with university teachers in case you experience difficulties with a subject at a Bulgarian university (Latin, Biology, Bulgarian language, etc.). However, if you are a straight A+ student and you have mastered your Bulgarian language skills, there is no need to send us an inquiry via [email protected]

10. Living on the edge seems fun for you.

Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria helps students apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria. This document is required if you wish to stay in Bulgaria for a longer period that three months (for instance, if you are a student). So if you want to play hide and seek with the police in Bulgaria, our services might seem too much for you.


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