Finding a job in Bulgaria

You want to earn some extra money while you study in Bulgaria?

You are coping very well with your studies and you have spare time on your hands that you wish to fruitfully fulfil? Do you seek to apply for a part-time or full-time job? Now let’s have a look at the possibilities available for you.

Among the most popular websites in Bulgaria where you can find various job opportunities are and Insert a keyword for the desired job position and you will see all available opportunities! The good thing is that both websites maintain English version, thus it is easier for you to browse through the job proposals. 

Another useful way to be aware of the current vacancies and to hunt for the ideal position for you is to join active Facebook groups, such as:

Bulgaria Startup Jobs

Jobs in Bulgaria

Best IT jobs in Bulgaria

Job Offers in Bulgaria

We hope you find the fore mentioned links helpful. And remember, patience is a virtue. :) 



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