Study in Bulgaria: Best Price Guarantee plus Discount

Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria, the official representatives of the best Bulgarian Universities, is convinced that the services we offer are excellent - we are based in Bulgaria so we guarantee admission in Bulgarian Universities and fully support you throughout your studies in Bulgaria. Also, you think someone else offers a better price? We offer best price guarantee or the so-called "price match" (meaning if you find a company that offers the same services as we do for a lower price, we will match our offer and even offer 20 percent discount!).

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17 May

The CEO of Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria visited four prestigious high schools in Turkey in order to introduce applicants from Turkey to the Bulgarian higher education and to the best Bulgarian Universities.

11 May

Orientation week dates for Sofia Medical University, Plovdiv Medical University, Trakia University and Varna Medical University are announced.

09 May

Study in Bulgaria - best price guarantee! Inter HECS offers price match and 20 percent discount!

Upcoming events

10 Jun

Entry exam in Biology and Chemistry for Plovdiv Medical University in Berlin, Germany for people who want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English from academic year 2017/ 2018.

10 Jun

Inter HECS organizes the entry test 2017 for Plovdiv Medical University in Rome, Italy. The entry exam is suitable for people who wish to study Medicine, Dental Medicine or Pharmacy in English.

27 Aug

Sit the entry exam in Biology and Chemistry for Plovdiv Medical University in London and study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in Plovdiv starting from 2017!


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