Defining success: Orientation week at Plovdiv Medical University

In September the team of Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria welcomed over 100 first-year students at Plovdiv Medical University! Due to our strive to get all students familiar with the city and the University before the academic year starts as well as to help them meet current student and settle in - we organized an Orientation week! No need to say more - just watch the video from the event:


20 Oct

Enjoy a day trip to one of the most beautiful ecotrails in Bulgaria - Iskar - Zlatna panega close to Karlukovo village and God's Eyes cave (Prohodna)!

18 Oct

Enjoy a SPA day with a friend!

18 Oct

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria in 2019 - apply now with up to 60% discount!


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