Plovdiv Medical University introduces admission tests in Chemistry and Biology

Admission test at Plovdiv Medical University

Future students must now sit an entrance test in Biology and Chemistry in order to get admitted in Plovdiv Medical University. 

Do you want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English? If your answer is positive, then Plovdiv Medical University, one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria, has definitely drawn your attention. Till now, future applicants for the Bulgarian university had to sit a test in English in order to become a student. Inter HECS has its headquarters in Bulgaria, we are constantly in touch with the university management staff and the first to find the most recent news! Thus, we have an announcement: Starting from this year, Plovdiv Medical University introduces an admission test in Biology and Chemistry. Thus, all future candidates must now prepare for both subjects in order to get a place at the prestigious Bulgarian medical university. For the convenience of all future applicants for Plovdiv Medical University, Inter HECS does not only help you with your application but organizes preparatory courses in both subjects. Stay tuned for more information and where the exam is going to be held!

Interested in how Plovdiv University looks like? Watch our official video for Plovdiv Medical University as well as our Welcome Day at Plovdiv Medical University! Also, keep in mind that we organize a live session with current students from Plovdiv Medical University! The event will be held on Saturday on our official Facebook page "Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria". For more information, read the official page of the event.


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