Entry exam 2019 at Plovdiv Medical University: Frequently asked questions

Is it your dream to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy at Plovdiv Medical University in 2019? Below you will find detailed information about the most frequently asked questions in regards to the entry exam in Biology and Chemistry, which is an important entry requirement and criteria for successful admission.

1. Is the entry exam mandatory for all applicants? Sitting the entry exam is mandatory for all applicants in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. 

2. Is the entry exam hard? The entry exam covers basic knowledge of Biology and Chemistry. Still, applicants need to prepare very well as there are many people applying each year and the places for admission are limited. Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria provides applicants with study materials and sample tests as well as organizes a mock exam and a preparatory course so that applicants are well-prepared for the exam.

3. When and where does the entry exam take place? Plovdiv Medical University has announced five test dates - 25 June, 11 July, 29 August, 2 September, 3 September. The test will take place in the campus of Plovdiv Medical University.

4. What is the format of the test? There are around 20 - 30 questions per test, most of them are multiple choice questions, some of them are open-ended questions (e.g. defining terminology).

5. How much time do we have to answer all test questions? You have about two hours in total to submit your answer sheet for both tests. You are given both tests at once and you can submit your answers earlier, if you want to.

6. What grade do I need in order to pass the exam? You need to pass minimum 60 to 70% of the test in order to pass the exam. The grades are from 2 (fail) to 6 (excellent).

7. Is it possible to pass the exam but still not get admission? The higher grade you score, the better chance you have for admission. Thanks to the study materials and the sample tests we provide to our students, the students of Inter HECS usually score between 90% and 100% on the entry exam and therefore get successfuly admitted!

8. Is there a test in English language? No, sitting an exam in English language is not part of the admission procedure. You also do not need any English certificate like IELTS.

9. When do we find out the results? The results are announced soon after the entry exam

10. How do I register for the entry exam? Inter HECS will register students personally and directly to the university in order to reserve their place for the entry exam.

11. Is there an entry exam fee? The exam costs 200 EUR and is non-refundable.

12. How can I prepare for the entry exam at Plovdiv Medical University? Inter HECS provides study materials and sample tests - just contact us for more details.

13. What happens if I fail the entry test? Plovdiv Medical University allows applicants to resit the exam but you will have to pay the entry exam fee again.

14. How can I apply to study at Plovdiv Medical University? Inter HECS helps people apply for admission and move to Bulgaria. Our office is based in Bulgaria so we also guarantee full ongoing support! If you are interested in our service, contact us at [email protected]!

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