New testimonials: Plovdiv Medical University

The team of Inter HECS would like to thank everyone for the lovely interviews and testimonials they shared over the past months - we are glad to know that you feel part of our family and you are happy with all of the services we have provided!

If you want to check out the video with testimonials from students and parents of students at Plovdiv Medical University, just click on the video below:


20 Apr

10 tips to overcome culture shock in Bulgaria - useful for international students and foreigners in Bulgaria

19 Apr

Preparatory course for entrance exam for admission in Plovdiv Medical University 2018

18 Apr

Interview with a student in Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria

Upcoming events

01 May

Bulgarian language suitable for international students who study or will study in Bulgaria

21 Jun

Entry test in Biology and Chemistry for admission of international students in Plovdiv Medical University

25 Aug

Entry exam in Biology, Chemistry and English for admission of international students at Sofia Medical University in 2018


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