Study Dentistry in Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Story of a Student

Interested in studying at Plovdiv Medical University? We are glad to present you the story of a girl from the United Kingdom who is now a dental student at one of the best medical Universities in Europe!

Learn more about life in Plovdiv, studying Dentistry at Plovdiv Medical University and the future goals of Kanwal Afsha! We proud to have her in the Inter HECS family and we wish her amazing six years in Bulgaria!

Want to be part of the international community at Plovdiv Medical University? Just send a message to [email protected]!


20 Oct

Enjoy a day trip to one of the most beautiful ecotrails in Bulgaria - Iskar - Zlatna panega close to Karlukovo village and God's Eyes cave (Prohodna)!

18 Oct

Enjoy a SPA day with a friend!

18 Oct

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria in 2019 - apply now with up to 60% discount!


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