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Inter HECS helps you transfer to Plovdiv Medical University

You study Medicine or Dental Medicine abroad or in Bulgaria but you are not satisfied with the university campus, professors or your student life in the respective city or country? Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria makes medical and dental transfers to Plovdiv Medical University possible! Due to the high interest in studying at Plovdiv Medical University as well as transferring to one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria, we are pleased to announce that Inter HECS will help you transfer in a higher year of study at Plovdiv Medical University. We examine each case individually, submit an official request to the Medical or Dental Faculty at Plovdiv Medical University and make sure the subjects of your home university get recognized. Therefore, if you wish to transfer to Plovdiv Medical University, send an official inquiry with your academic transcript to [email protected] ! Please keep in mind that dental transfers to Plovdiv Medical University in the third or a higher year is not possible. 

Why should you transfer to Plovdiv Medical University? The answer is simple - the living costs and tuition fees in Bulgaria are low in comparison to other European countries. If you wish to study Medicine or Dental Medicine at Plovdiv Medical University, you have to pay 8000 Euro per academic year and you will graduate within six years. In addition, Plovdiv is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Europe. Last but not least, the university is part of the Erasmus plus programme and is an accredited institution - your medical or dental diploma and degree will be recognized in Europe after you graduate!


12 Aug

We still offer places for university admission in 2020 - hurry up!

16 Jul

Apply for Dentistry in English and study in a European capital city - no entry exam, yearly tuition fees of 6000 EUR and the first year of studies is entirely online!

13 May

News in regards to admission in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University in 2020

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13 Sep

Candidates applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English in 2020 must sit an entrance test in Biology, Chemistry and English


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