Travel to Dragoman marsh in Bulgaria!

If you live or study in Sofia and you are looking for a cool destination closeby that you can explore for a day, we definitely recommend visiting Dragoman marsh! It is located only one hour away from Sofia (direction Serbia) close to the town of Dragoman. There are signs that will lead to the marsh, but also your GPS and Internet can take you there.

From what we saw there, there is not really an  official "entrance" of the marsh - there is a small "parking lot" where you can leave your car and next to it there are stairs that take you inside the marsh. Of course, there is no entry fee. From the stairs there is only one way into the marsh - you just walk along the path and when you reach its end, you simply go back. In the middle of the path there is a small cabin / view point which you can get in by climbing few stairs and see the whole Dragoman marsh.

To be honest, the place won't take your breath away and you won't spend more than 30 minutes there. However, Dragoman marsh looks very mysterious and it is a cool destination if you want to take photos (the place is actually popular for model photo shootings!). We also recommend visiting the place in spring when the weather is a bit bad or even rainy - the photos look even darker! From what we see online, in summer the plants grow very much so it looks more like a jungle.

You can combine a trip to Dragoman marsh with a trip to Serbia or with a visit to the sightseeing places closeby - Razboishte Monastery, Kotlite Waterfall or Bukorovski Monastery. Keep in mind there is no restaurant next to Dragoman marsh, but you can look for a place to eat in the town of Dragoman or in the villages closeby.

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