Travel to Dryanovo monastery and Bacho Kiro cave, Bulgaria!

This week we take you to the beautiful Dryanovo monastery and Bacho Kiro cave in Bulgaria!

Dryanovo monastery and Bacho Kiro cave are located in central Bulgaria, around 30 km away from Veliko Tarnovo and 20 km away from Gabrovo. You can reach this destination by car (there are signs and the GPS will help you too), bus (if there are any trips organized) and train. Right at the entrance of the monastery there is a small parking lot. Keep in mind that the parking lot is paid - around one or two leva per hour. If you are planning to visit this place over the weekend, we definitely recommend arriving at around 9 to 10 AM when there are still some parking spots left. At the car park you will also see plenty of small shops that sell souvenirs or gifts. Of course, there is no entry fee to enter the monastery. An interesting fact is that you can also book a room at the monastery (if there are any available) and spend the night there. The rooms look nice and there are also a couple of restaurants in the area.

After you visit the monastery, you should definitely visit Bacho Kiro cave! It is walking distance from the monastery, so you don't need to get your car. The ways to reach the cave are two. To start, you can either go back to the parking lot, cross the bridge and turn left to the small road that takes you to Bacho Kiro cave. The second way is to go behind the main building of the monastery, pass a small wooden beautiful bridge, continue walking for a minute and then turn left (to join the same road that takes you to Bacho Kiro cave). You will need to walk for about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the cave (you should go straight to reach the cave; at some point there are signs to turn right but the path will take you to Bacho Kiro hut). Right at the entrance of the cave you will see a small waterfall and you will definitely take some photos of the beautiful river and gorge. Don't worry, it is really easy to reach the cave, you definitely can't get lost! The entry fee to the cave is max 5 leva (there is a discount for students). Inside you will visit three levels of the cave which are all very fascinating! If you are alone with friends you should spend max 30 minutes inside. The staff organizes informative tours inside the cave which last about an hour.

What you should definitely not miss is the "Love bench" that is around 15 minutes walk away from Bacho Kiro cave. On the right side of the cave you will see a couple of signs and stairs which mark the start of a beautiful eco trail. Keep in mind you need good shoes for the short "hike"! In less than a minute, the eco trail will split and you should go left and continue walking for about 10 minutes. What you basically do is going up the highest point of the hill where you will have an amazing view over the monastery and the gorge. So soon you will see a couple of benches and witness the lovely view over the monastery and the railway. After you take some photos, you can go back to the car park.

PS: If you are into hiking, the ecotrail will also take you to the architectural reserve Bozhentsi (it takes around 4 - 5 hours).  

Other sightseeing places in the region include Veliko Tarnovo and the ethno village Arbanasi, the ethno village Etar close go Gabrovo and Sokolski monastery, Tryavna, Bozhentsi, Uzana (the geographic center of Bulgaria), Shipka pass, monument and memorial church, Buzludzha. 


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