New video with medical students from Pleven Medical University

Meet people who study Medicine at Pleven Medical University

Do you want to study Medicine in Europe? Pleven Medical University offers Medicine in English for only 3500 Euro per semester. In addition, the academic year starts in February so you have a chance to collect all of your application documents in peace, enjoy your summer and apply in autumn! Of course, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is here to assist you with the application procedure at the best Bulgarian medical universities!

One of our main tasks is to organize events that help future applicants find out more about the University of their interest. This is why we organized a live discussion with girls who study Medicine at Pleven Medical University. They shared their experience with the University and the city of Pleven. If you want to find out more about the living costs in Pleven, the admission test for Pleven Medical University and how the average day of a medical student from Pleven Medical University looks like, watch the event that was live on our Facebook page "Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria":


12 Aug

We still offer places for university admission in 2020 - hurry up!

16 Jul

Apply for Dentistry in English and study in a European capital city - no entry exam, yearly tuition fees of 6000 EUR and the first year of studies is entirely online!

13 May

News in regards to admission in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University in 2020


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