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Ongoing Support in Bulgaria

You will never be alone in Bulgaria – our team is here! Our headquarter is in the capital city and our team members are from Bulgaria, so if you ever experience any difficulties during your studies, have some questions in regards to your stay or look for interesting events in your area, you can always turn to us! We offer many services to make sure you enjoy university life and your parents know you have locals to count on!

Educational assistance till graduation

We provide full assistance before, during and after your studies. From any unexpected issues to questions in regards to university life and support during the exam sessions, Inter HECS are here for you! We offer courses with teachers and upper-year students as well as extra study materials to help you prepare for an upcoming exam.

Internships and job opportunities

With an office based in Bulgaria, our team keeps in touch with different companies around the country. They all offer opportunities for students to work part-time. We can advise you on available jobs in Bulgaria and help you create an impressive CV to include in your applications. Useful internships are also offered to students who study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy – this way they get used to working with patients and practice what they have learned at university!

Community of international students

We make sure you stay in touch with your colleagues in Bulgaria! Our online groups on Facebook and WhatsApp include applicants and upper-year students and will help you look for apartments that are available for rent, find study materials and past exam papers, stay up-to-date with events at your university! Furthermore, we regularly publish new useful videos on our YouTube channel and share travel tips on our Instagram page!

Interesting and fun activities

We are always happy to inform you about cool activities in your area – they may include job or volunteering opportunities, get-togethers with student societies and even international concerts in the city where you live. Furthermore, our membership card provides students with discounts at various places in Bulgaria to help them enjoy their stay and save some money!

Local team to count on

Once you start your application with Inter HECS, you will have a personal assistant in charge of your case. You can keep in touch with this person and with our whole team not only during the application process but also after admission is over!

Here you can learn more about all services we offer.

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