Full Ongoing Support

Support during your studies in Bulgaria

Educational assistance till graduation 

We provide full assistance before, throughout and after your studies. From any unexpected issues to questions and support with your exams, Inter HECS will help you! The benefits are: support by our international and local offices, courses with university teachers, help and support with exams, finding suitable internships as well as our online community!

Local office

Inter HECS has offices in Bulgaria! You’re welcome to visit us during business hours or to contact us via our website, e-mail, landline, Skype or Facebook. Also, our consultants are based in the cities of the Medical schools so we are in permanent connection with the Bulgarian universities. Additionally, this allows you to meet us anytime during your studies once you arrive in Bulgaria.

Courses with Bulgarian university teachers

During your studies, Inter HECS will provide extra study materials if necessary. Such are for example the University notes and lectures, books, research studies, illustrative test and past examples and others. Inter HECS connects you with University teachers and organizes courses throughout which university tutors will indicate you the right way to develop better your study skills.

Help and support with exams in Bulgaria

Experiencing difficulties with any subjects at the university? We can recommend additional study materials that have helped students pass their exams as well as organize training courses with tutors and university teachers who will explain everything you find difficult to understand. Also, we have sample tests that will allow you to get a better score at the exam.

Internships in Bulgaria

Inter HECS has a long term experience in collaborating with many Bulgarian specialists from different realms and gives you a hand with submitting internship applications. This way, if you study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or any other specialty in Bulgaria, you will be able to work during your studies and practice what you have learned in the university!

Online "Study in Bulgaria" community

We make sure that you stay in touch with your colleagues in Bulgaria even before you arrive in the country. Our online community on Facebook as well as secret Facebook groups for each city and for finding an accommodation place will help you find a roommate or get to know other people who are already students in Bulgaria or who are future applicants just like you! Follow us also on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in order to receive regular updates about our events or new videos. Also, our online application portal allows you to track your application status, to chat with us, your friends, future colleagues and even find a roommate or find out where the best places in each city are.

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