Moving to Bulgaria

Move to Bulgaria

Are you eager to study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or any other specialty in Bulgaria? If your answers are positive, but you still fear moving to another country - leave your doubts and worries at home. Inter HECS helps students in order to make them feel more secure about their future life in the country. Hence, we provide full relocation services which include:

Arrival and transportation services

Stepping outside of the airport is the time when you get your first impressions. This is why the team of Inter HECS will be there to pick you up and take you to your accommodation place safely. Also, travelling around the city is an easy task especially because we help you issue a public transportation card and share useful websites where you can find more information about public transportation in the respective country.

Finding accommodation in Bulgaria

Looking for an accommodation if you are still not in Bulgaria might cost you money especially when the best ads are not available online. As we are in Bulgaria we sort out this problem - we get you in touch with a trustworthy real-estate agent that will help you find the most suitable accommodation place. What you have to do? Just share your requirements with us and we will be glad to assist you with finding your future home.

City and University tours in Bulgaria

Being in a new city is challenging, isn't it? Well, for Inter HECS team members Bulgaria has been their home for decades. This is why we love showing you around the city and the university. This way, you will be introduced to the main sightseeing places, most famous restaurants and pubs, museums, university buildings and rooms. 

Arranging living utilities in Bulgaria

The team of Inter HECS acknowledges the fact that airport pick-up service and your accommodation place are not the only aspects when you move to another country. Thus, one of our team members will join you when you want to open a bank account, buy a SIM card as well as arrange your home Wi-Fi and TV. This is very important as you are required to sign a contract which in most cases is in Bulgarian - we help you overcome the language barrier and translate the terms and conditions.

Student visa for Bulgaria

Another important service we offer is assisting non-EU citizens when issuing a visa. The team of Inter HECS assists all non-EU candidates with collecting and preparing all necessary documents so that they meet the application requirements. We work collaboratively with the university, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Education and Science. As a result, we solve the entire procedure of acquiring a student visa in a very shorter period of time than if you apply by yourself. 

Residence permit in Bulgaria

If you plan to stay in Bulgaria for period longer than three months, you have to apply for a residence permit. This is something like a Bulgarian ID that you need to renew once or twice a year depending on the lenght of your medical insurance. We, from Inter HECS, help our students obtain the necessary application documents and assist with translation if needed. Support during the process is essential due to the fact that not in every department of the municipality employees are fluent in English. One of our consultants will come with the students to all the institutions and government offices so that you can rest assured everything is fine with your documents.

Student finance in Bulgaria

There are two means through which every student can obtain financial support – a student bank loan or a scholarship. After examining the exact needs of our clients, the length of the period for the loan and the amount, we assist the students while negotiating with the bank representatives as well as collecting all documents required for your application.

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