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Moving to Bulgaria

Are you afraid to move to a foreign country? Leave your doubts at home – our office is based in Bulgaria so we are happy to welcome you here! We provide full relocation services to help you and your family members feel at ease! For instance, you can take advantage of assistance with planning your trip to Bulgaria, online webinars before you travel, airport pick-ups and support upon arrival, city and university campus tours, accommodation hunting and arranging living utilities as well as support when applying for a residence permit or VISA!

Planning your trip to Bulgaria

You have never travelled abroad or you have no idea which airport in Bulgaria offers flights to your home country? Or are you may be in doubt which hotel is located near the university? Our students have a personal assistant to help them with all travel matters! Parents should rest assured that their child is in safe hands – our team has welcomed many students from all around the world!

Online webinars before travelling to Bulgaria

Our team organizes many online meetings with freshers before they fly to Bulgaria to start their studies. We make sure no questions are left unanswered and we cover different topics like things to buy in advance and we also invite upper-year students to share useful tips! This makes our students look forward to moving abroad to Bulgaria!

Airport pick-ups and support upon arrival

Stepping outside of the airport is the time when you get your first impressions. This is why the team of Inter HECS will be there to pick you up. Students can easily book this service via the Inter HECS online portalour drivers are available around the clock. This way you do not have to use taxi services or public transportation on your first day in Bulgaria and you can focus on settling in. Of course, we can also arrange your hotel stay in case you have not signed a rental agreement yet.

Accommodation hunting

We work with trustworthy real estate agents in Bulgaria that will help you find the most suitable accommodation place – they offer unlimited offline and online apartment viewings so that you rent an apartment that suits your taste and budget. Furthermore, we can help you find a flatmate and review your rental agreement to make sure your rights as a tenant are protected. Finally, our students take advantage of discounts on the services of estate agents in Bulgaria!

City and university campus tours

Being in a new country can be challenging! However, our team is from Bulgaria so we are familiar with everything around town! Our city and university campus tours are one of a kind – we organize interesting games to explore the city as well as meetings with upper-year students who take you around the lecture halls and share with you tips on how to survive university life.

Arranging living utilities

Settling in does not include only finding suitable accommodation in Bulgaria. Once you move abroad, you may be interested in buying a local SIM card and a student transportation pass or opening a bank account. Or do you need to arrange TV and Wi-Fi services at your apartment? During our Orientation weeks, our team members join students to different places helping them with everything they may need in Bulgaria. This is very important as usually such services require a contract to be signed and it is recommended to have a local with you who makes sure that your rights are protected.

Residence permit and student VISA

Another important service we offer is assistance when applying for a student VISA (if needed) or a residence permit. We help non-EU candidates with collecting and preparing all necessary documents for a VISA so that they meet the application requirements. For instance, we can assist with issuing a medical insurance policy as well as provide translation services in case some of their documents are in a foreign language.

Having a residence permit is also a must for EU students in Bulgaria – we provide them with detailed instructions on what documents are needed. Support during the application process is essential because staff members at local migration offices may not be fluent in English and you may experience a language barrier. This is why our team members can join you at the respective institutions in Bulgaria and will make sure your documents are submitted to the right department and meet all requirements and deadlines.

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