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Student events and holidays in Bulgaria

Bulgarian traditions are very rich and never fail to amaze each person who has the chance to experience them.

One of the most valued customs in Bulgaria is Baba Marta (meaning “Granny March”). As you can probably guess, it starts on the first of March and is celebrated throughout the whole month. This custom is to celebrate spring. In the first days of the month, everybody gives to each other white and red tassels that one normally wears on their wrist. These tassels are called martenitsa and symbolize health, luck and happiness. People take them off when they see a stork or a blossoming tree.

Other interesting traditions present nestinarstvo (people performing a dance on hot glowing embers), kukerstvo (a ritual where the participants are dressed-up men in handmade costumes and masks who dance and play games in order to chase away the evil spirits) and egg colouring and breaking for Easter. Name days are also paid a lot of respect in Bulgaria, almost as much as birthdays. Many people are named after saints, for example everyone who is called Georgi (or females - Gergana) will celebrate their name day on St. Georgi’s day (May 6th).

Lastly, there are many events and festivals throughout the country. Some of them include the Rose Festival, Kavarna Rock Festival, Sofia Rocks, Bansko Jazz Festival, etc.

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Bulgarian Culture and Traditions