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Accommodation in Bulgaria

Student housing in Bulgaria

Student accommodation in Bulgaria is very affordable - university dormitories cost around 45 EUR (90 BGN) monthly. However, if you prefer to live in private accommodation, it can cost between 200 EUR - 400 EUR (400-800 BGN) monthly. Public transportation services, food and leisure activities are also very cheap. Costs may vary from place to place, because larger cities are usually more expensive. 

A study program in Bulgaria has drawn your attention? If your answer is positive, then finding an accommodation place is an important part of arranging your stay. Below, you will find the answers of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, the team of Inter HECS is always at your convenience should you need any help or should you have any questions or concerns!

1. How can I find the best accommodation?

The first option is that you let us know by email what your needs and expectations in terms of accommodation are. This way we will find the most suitable place for you.

On the other side, you can get in touch with our network of real estate agents. The agents will show you a number of accommodation places for you to choose from. 

Of course, you can contact other agents as well, but we cannot guarantee their quality of services.

2. What is the best time to search for accommodation?

We advise you to start looking for an accommodation in June or July because finding a place to stay after this period is usually very hard as the academic year starts usually around September/October.

3. Where can I live?

A) A student dormitory - In the dormitory two people live together and upon your choice you can decide to live with a friend, another international student of Inter HECS or with a random student from the university. Usually there is one common bedroom with two beds, two desks and one bathroom.

Positive sides: the student dormitories are much cheaper than renting an individual apartment. Price: around 70-100 Euro/ month (including amenities)

Negative sides: the student dormitories are not located close to the universities and usually the places are taken very fast. They do not have a kitchen and you are not allowed to cook inside the room.

B) Private apartment – you can provide your own requirements for the place you want to live in – close to the university, price, etc.

Positive sides: the apartment can be close to the university and/or the city centre, it has a kitchen and you can cook inside.

Negative sides: the price of an apartment is relatively higher than the cost of living in a dormitory. Price: around 250-400 Euro (1 bedroom expenses) /month.

4. Can I live with another student of Inter HECS?

Yes, you can. We advise you to find a roommate even before your arrival to Bulgaria. You can do so by simply contacting us.

5Any other matters I should be aware of?

When you choose an apartment you have to sign an agreement with the owner/agency. Usually you have to pay rent for 1 or 2 month/s/, 1 or 2 deposit/s/ (usually equals to the 1 or 2 month(s) rent) and commission for the real-estate agent (usually 50-100% from the fee for 1 month rent).

Keep in mind that in order to save an apartment, you should pay the monthly rents even if you do not use the apartment. You have to discuss all the fees of the real-estate agent (including deposits) prior to starting the procedure.

6. Are bills included in the rent?

No, usually they aren't.

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