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Benefits of studying in Bulgaria

The high number of international students who are already enrolled in Bulgarian universities shows that studying abroad in Europe and especially in Bulgaria is a decision that you should definitely consider! The team of Inter HECS keeps in touch with foreigners in different cities in Bulgaria and they have shared some of the advantages of Bulgarian higher education.

International atmosphere in Bulgaria

Every year students from more than 50 countries choose to apply for university admission in Bulgaria. Most of them come from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Pakistan, India, Greece, the UAE and others. Furthermore, there are many foreigners who work in Bulgaria as well as tourists who visit the country. All of these aspects contribute to the multicultural environment in Bulgaria and make every student look forward to exploring different cultures and making new friends! Here you can learn more about student life in Bulgaria.

Practical knowledge offered by Bulgarian universities

Bulgarian universities focus on lessons that prepare you to succeed in any career you wish to pursue. University lessons include seminars which are for 10-12 people in your year so that you have a chance to acquire practical knowledge as well as to improve your teamwork and communication skills. Furthermore, most study programs in Bulgaria include internships, so that you gather work experience before graduation and get ready for future job opportunities!

A globally recognized diploma in Bulgaria

To study in Bulgaria means to study in the European Union, taking advantage of the excellent quality of education and a degree that is recognized abroad. For instance, if you graduate in Bulgaria, but you wish to pursue a career in another EU member state, you often need to only follow a simple registration at the respective government body before being able to work in the field of your choice. Also, Bulgarian universities offer many programs in foreign languages (English, French, German, Russian), which makes the transition to a different country after graduation quite smooth!

Affordable tuition fees

The affordable tuition fees are a great advantage of higher education in Bulgaria! They depend on the university and study program but are in general always much cheaper in comparison to tuition fees in other countries in Europe. For instance, students in Medicine in English pay 7000 to 9000 EUR per academic year. The affordable tuition fees combined with the low living expenses in Bulgaria make life as a student abroad much more enjoyable!

Opportunities to apply for a student loan

International students in Bulgaria often apply for a student loan in their home country. This is often the case for people who come from Sweden or Germany. Being able to apply for a student loan presents a great opportunity for students who want to move to Bulgaria and are supported by their home countryโ€™s government.

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