Student loan

Student loans in Bulgaria

It is not a secret that many people who wish to study abroad consider applying for a student loan. Of course, being able to afford the university tuition fees is often not an easy task so it is normal to look forΒ opportunities to finance your higher education – by applying for a job and/or a student loan.

You probably wonder if it is possible to apply for a student loan in Bulgaria before getting a university spot. However, in most cases, you are eligible to do this only after you are already enrolledΒ in a study program. This means that the admission process must be complete.

What we advise students to do is to check if it is possible to apply for a student loan in their home country. This is often the case for many Swedish or German students in Bulgaria! Foreign banks and governments have different eligibility criteria as well as deadlines for the submission of a student loan application, so make sure you look everything up before starting your studies in Bulgaria.

As for applying for a student loan in Bulgaria, please keep in mind that at the moment student loans are available only to Bulgarian citizens. Unfortunately, so far all applications for loans from EU and non-EU applicants are not accepted by banks in Bulgaria.

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