Health & Safety

Health and safety in Bulgaria

International students often wonder what will happen if they ever need to visit a doctor while they are abroad and if it is safe to walk alone around the streets.

Don’t worry! Bulgaria is considered a safe country. People who study here enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and affordable living costs. Also, students usually live in the same neighbourhood near the university or the city centre, so you will always be in a lively area and around people who you maybe already know. Nevertheless, as in every corner of the world, one is not advised to walk home alone after midnight and keeping an eye on your personal belongings when visiting touristy places is a good idea.

There are many hospitals in every Bulgarian city and students can go there whenever they do not feel well. Furthermore, sometimes the hospitals are located within the university campus itself (e.g, at Sofia Medical University). Students do not need to be registered patients, so they are usually required to pay a small fee at the hospital reception.

You may wonder if you need to purchase a medical insurance policy. To start with, we advise you to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before moving to Bulgaria, in case you meet the eligibility criteria. If you have it, some basic healthcare services in Bulgaria may be provided to you for free. In any case, it is recommended to purchase a medical insurance policy in your home country or Bulgaria – as part of our services, we can assist you with getting one!

If you find yourself in a situation of emergency, call 112. Other important phone numbers include 150 (ambulance), 160 (fire/rescue) and 166 (police).


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