Sports & Nature

Sports & Nature in Bulgaria

Are you sporty? Do you like spending time outside? If your answer is positive, then you will absolutely love Bulgaria.

Every city offers sports facilities, such as gyms, football pitches, tennis courts, etc. Furthermore, you can sign up for group activities like zumba, yoga, dancing classes and more! Did you know that students in Bulgaria usually take advantage of discounts when buying a sports card? In addition, our membership card gives Inter HECS students many benefits at various sports facilities.

Bulgaria is a fantastic place to stay fit! Universities often include sports in the curriculum and have a gym on campus. Many student societies organize sports events so that you meet like-minded people.

It is important to mention that mountains constitute a significant part of the countryโ€™s territory. This means there are many leisure activities such as hiking, skydiving, mountain gorge rafting and biking. For example, Vitosha mountain is right next to the capital city of Bulgaria โ€“ reaching different hiking trails may take around 30-40 minutes by tram or bus from the city centre and a one-way ticket is 1.60 BGN (around 0.80 EUR). In addition, there are many winter resorts where you can go skiing or snowboarding – check out the best winter travel ideas in Bulgaria!

Last but not least, Bulgaria is a rather small country so you can easily reach the Black Sea coast and try out surfing or scuba diving. Of course, you can also go there to simply enjoy the beautiful views or to ride a bike in some of the city parks next to the seaside.

Whatever your interest, you will find amazing sports facilities and beautiful natural attractions in Bulgaria. Don’t miss the chance to make use of them!

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