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Specializations and PhD in Bulgaria

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Specializations depend on various factors. Progress in medical science and technology, personal and professional choices as well as financial aspects are some of the main reasons for picking one or another PhD / Specialization. As a result of the increasing population and income, urbanization, reforms in the communication and the transportation services, more and more professionals need an additional specialization.

A specialization or PhD in Bulgaria will give you high qualification while you will only have to pay affordable tuition fees. The team of Inter HECS will help you find the best postgraduate offer at the best Bulgarian universities. We also provide assistance with the recognition of your previous University Diploma!

Medical specializations in Bulgaria

The majority of universities in Bulgaria offer medical study programs for postgraduates in English – specialization training which involves practical experience for acquired Master’s degree in medical sciences. Thus, depending on the program (4-6 years), it is necessary for students to undergo a specialization after graduation. The State Examination Commission offers exams for license for students who have completed their postgraduate medical study. The emphasis is on obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with EU training medical programs. We are able to help with easier access to a desired program for specialization.

Take into consideration the fact that students must have substantial knowledge in Bulgarian language or if they don’t, they are advised to take a 9-month preparatory course that will prepare the candidate to B2 level (EU framework) and it is conducted usually at the University from which they graduate. It is necessary to have an understanding of the local language in order to communicate effectively with the patients that are treated in hospitals. The Medical specialization training takes place at the Medical University Hospitals or affiliated clinics. It includes practical training at a full-time position in the chosen specialty. In Bulgaria, students have one month to apply after the available places are announced. Studying abroad is a great opportunity especially when you get to deepen your knowledge in the field of your interest. Choosing a Bulgarian university means studying in the European Union so meeting experts and people from every corner of the world, enjoying the international atmosphere as well as the European diploma are guaranteed benefits. Applying with Inter HECS helps you get them.

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