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Study Computer Science in Bulgaria

Did you know that one of the inventors of the modern computer, John Atanasoff, has Bulgarian antecedents?

Bulgarian universities provide excellent higher education and this is why many foreign students choose to study Computer Science in English in Bulgaria. Professors will share with you their broad knowledge in the field of Information Technologies as well as help you develop teamwork and communication skills. The universities offer useful internships so that you gather practical experience, expand your portfolio and become a great candidate for future job opportunities. 

Two prestigious Bulgarian universities that offer Computer Science in English are the Technical University – Sofia, located in the capital city, as well as the American University in Bulgaria, located in Blagoevgrad. Tuition fees and entry requirements vary depending on the university of your choice and the degree you are interested in (Bachelor’s or Master’s). This is why it is recommended that you book a free individual consultation – we will provide you with up-to-date information and help you apply for admission.

You may wonder what the average day of a student in Computer Science looks like. If you study in Bulgaria, your university schedule will include different types of lessons. Typically, you have lectures, which are for all students in your year, as well as seminars, which are lessons for a small group of students in your year where you practice what you have learned so far. Usually, study programs include compulsory and elective courses as well as internships. Often, Bulgarian is taught as a subject in order for you to adjust to life abroad and learn a new language. As for your free time, there are many leisure activities in each Bulgarian city to keep you busy. Students also love to travel – there are many must-visit summer and winter resorts (e.g. Varna, Pamporovo, Bansko) and historic towns (Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Koprivshtitsa) which are famous worldwide!

Don’t forget to look around our website – we have included useful information about living expenses in Bulgaria, our services as well as videos with international students in Bulgaria!

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