Study Pharmacy in Bulgaria

If you wish to study Pharmacy in Europe but you don’t know which country to choose, let us tell you why Bulgaria might be the most suitable study destination for you! In the following, we will share more details regarding Pharmacy in English as a study program offered by some of the most prestigious Bulgarian universities and cover various topics like tuition fees, entry requirements and student life.

Advantages to study Pharmacy in Bulgaria

One main advantage of studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria is the internationally recognized diploma that you obtain at Bulgarian universities. It allows you to pursue a career everywhere around the world!

Another great reason to study in Bulgaria is the affordable tuition fees. Living costs in Bulgaria are also low in general, so you won’t have to spend much money during your studies abroad.

Moreover, even though all courses at the university are taught in English, universities offer a Bulgarian language course. Learning a new language is very beneficial – your resume after graduation will make you stand out among other applicants! Get ready to improve your English skills too – your study books at the university will be in English and you will need the language skills to talk to your colleagues from abroad!

Talking about your colleagues in Bulgaria, you will be surrounded by many friendly foreign students who are eager to meet people from all over the world. Bulgarian universities welcome students from more than 50 countries every year and the legendary hospitality of locals will never let you down!

Bulgarian universities which offer Pharmacy in English

Five Bulgarian universities offer Pharmacy in English – Sofia Medical University, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Plovdiv Medical University, Varna Medical University and Pleven Medical University. The duration of the course is five years and students graduate with a Master’s degree. All five universities include an entrance test as part of their entry requirements.

  • Sofia Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Bulgaria. It is located in the capital city and offers Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Sofia Medical University is located in the heart of the city centre! The biggest airport in Bulgaria is in Sofia – a good thing to bear in mind if you would like to fly back home regularly!
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is also one of the options that you can choose if you are interested in Pharmacy in English. It is one of the highest-ranked universities in Bulgaria and offers a variety of study programs. Sofia University is also located in the capital city – a great opportunity for foreigners who want to take advantage of vibrant student life!
  • Plovdiv Medical University is in the second-largest city in Bulgaria. The modern campus, the high quality of education as well as the multicultural environment in Plovdiv are some of the reasons why you should consider applying to this university! The city is artistic and historical – if this sounds like your thing, we are sure you will fall in love with the Old Town of Plovdiv and the Kapana creative district!
  • Varna Medical University is one more university in Bulgaria that draws the attention of many foreigners every year. Varna is the third-largest city in the country – it is home to many Bulgarian universities and thousands of tourists visit it every year. It is a great destination for people who like to spend time at the seaside and live on a student budget – living expenses in Varna are cheaper in comparison to Sofia.
  • Pleven Medical University also offers Pharmacy in English. It is located around two hours away by car from Sofia and attracts many applicants every year thanks to the excellent quality of education and the affordable living costs in the city.

Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria: Entry requirements and tuition fees

Students who study Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria pay 6000 – 8500 EUR per academic year. The tuition fees are lower compared to the fees of other European universities and are paid in two instalments. If you are looking for an opportunity to finance your studies, it is good to know that students in Bulgaria can work part-time. However, good time management skills are required as your university schedule includes many lessons every day.

Of course, in order to study Pharmacy in Bulgaria, you must meet the entry requirements of the university you are interested in. All applicants must sit an admission test and submit their application documents to the university. Keep in mind that the exam fees are not included in the tuition fees. We offer full application services, so do not hesitate to contact us!

An average day of a Pharmacy student in Bulgaria

The academic year at Bulgarian universities is divided into a winter and a summer semester. Each semester ends with an exam session. The format of each exam depends on the respective subject and the teacher. Also, students often have to submit papers and give presentations. At the beginning of each semester, the university professors provide information about the exams and the study books needed.

Bulgarian universities focus on practice-based learning, so the curriculum includes many seminars in modern labs and useful internships. Furthermore, students can work part-time in Bulgaria to gain deeper knowledge in the field.

Universities in Bulgaria welcome many local and foreign students in different fields of study. Upper-year students organize events to help freshers make friends and start the academic year in the best way possible! Make sure to read a list with tips by international students in Bulgaria!

If you study Pharmacy in Bulgaria, you will live in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pleven or Varna. Whatever city you choose, you will not regret it! Each one has an international airport so you can easily take advantage of great travel opportunities and meet foreigners in Bulgaria! Many of them are students from abroad and tourists coming to explore the rich history and culture of Bulgaria. Furthermore, living expenses in the country are very affordable so eating out, renting a modern apartment and pursuing your hobbies will not put too much pressure on your savings!

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