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Study Medicine or Dentistry in English in Europe

If you wish to study Medicine, Dentistry or Nursing in Europe, we have many great opportunities for you – with the help of Inter HECS becoming a student abroad is an easy task! We work with prestigious medical universities in Europe that are located in multicultural cities. In addition, the affordable tuition fees and living costs as well as the high-quality education attract students with different educational and national background!

The best medical universities in Europe

The team of Inter HECS assists with admission to some of the best medical universities in Europe and has established partnerships with reputable higher education institutions that offer Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and other study programs in English.  You will find affordable tuition fees, an interesting and innovative study curriculum, a student-friendly environment and high-quality medical education at:

Benefits of studying in Europe

Every year thousands of people spend hours looking for a suitable higher education institution. Nevertheless, every effort will be rewarded – the quality of education in Europe is very high and the universities provide modern facilities and practice-oriented training.

Furthermore, the diplomas and qualifications you obtain in Europe are recognized abroad. This is very important for people who want to work abroad after graduation.

You can also take advantage of a student-friendly environment in Europe –  big cities offer plenty of leisure activities allowing foreigners to fully enjoy their stay abroad!

In addition, living abroad means you will improve your English skills and maybe even learn a new language! Some of our partner universities are based in countries where the local language is different to English, so you will be able to explore a new culture and pick up a new language that may be useful for your future career. Of course, international experience is always a big plus on your CV!

Study in Europe: Costs involved

Of course, studying abroad in Europe is linked with costs that you should be well-informed about in advance. To start with, the tuition fees are quite important. They vary depending on the university and the study program of your choice and are usually between 4000 to 8000 EUR per year. The team of Inter HECS has experience with student recruitment, so let us know what field you are passionate about, what your budget is and we will advise you on what university and country may be suitable for you. In addition, we will provide you with information about student loans, scholarships and job opportunities during your studies. This way you will be more independent and will not have to compromise with your dream to study in Europe!

Living costs are also something to keep in mind. Usually, expenses in capital cities are higher. Nevertheless, most universities have a student dormitory where rent is very cheap! Of course, you can also live in private or shared accommodation – prices always vary depending on the location and the size of the apartment as well as the city of your interest. Usually, rent starts from about 200 EUR per month. Going out for lunch or dinner is a favourite activity for many students, but it may be a bit pricey depending on what the restaurants offer and where they are located.

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