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Study in Cyprus

Cyprus, being a member state of the European Union, attracts many foreign students every year. The prestigious educational institutions, as well as the affordable living costs, make Cyprus an option you should definitely take into account, in case you are interested in studying abroad. Let us tell you more about it!

Reasons to study in Cyprus

Studying abroad in Cyprus has many advantages and here are some of them:

  • The diplomas are internationally recognized! Cyprus is part of the European Union so once you graduate you can work abroad. Furthermore, the numerous student exchange programs and internships will help you gain valuable international experience!
  • The student life in Cyprus is amazing! The warm weather attracts tourists all year round – this has made the island a great destination that offers plenty of leisure activities for foreigners.
  • The living costs and tuition fees are affordable! Undoubtedly, the expenses you will have as a student in Cyprus are much lower in comparison to other countries in Western Europe. 
  • You will never be too far away from home! There are many airports, shopping malls and international restaurants that will ease your relocation to Cyprus and help you adjust to life as a student abroad without experiencing much of a culture shock. Furthermore, locals speak English.

Educational institutions in Cyprus

It is not a secret that many prestigious universities are based in Cyprus – some of them are the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia. All of them offer many study programs in English language that attract international students for a semester abroad or even more! Indeed, you can easily apply for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Cyprus!

The team of Inter HECS works with Casa College – a reputable educational institution that offers various programs such as Adult Nursing and Hotel Administration. The affordable tuition fees and the excellent facilities on campus present a great opportunity you should definitely look into!


Of course, in order to apply for admission, applicants must submit several documents according to the requirements of the institutions they are interested in. The team of Inter HECS can assist you with every step – from collecting and preparing the needed documents to actually submitting them on your behalf! Make sure to contact us for a free consultation – we are here to help!

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