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Are you interested in studying abroad in Europe? Let us tell you more about why you should choose Casa College in Cyprus! To start with, Cyprus is a member state of the European Union. The island is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean and has several international airports that offer many flights to different corners of the world. The local currency is EUR and the living costs are affordable. The official languages are Greek and Turkish and the majority of locals speak English fluently too. In the following, you will find more information about Casa College, the admission requirements, study programs available and more!

About the college

Ever since its foundation in 1997, Casa College, one of the most prestigious privately-owned colleges in Cyprus, attracts students from every corner of the world. The interesting study programs available in English as well as the reputable partner universities abroad, including the University of Northampton, make this college stand out as a high-class educational institution in Europe. Furthermore, students can take part in the Erasmus + student exchange program and complete a semester or two abroad. Sounds exciting, right? Furthermore, Casa College is an official IELTS examination centre and offers internships as part of the curriculum to make sure all alumni are ready to work not only in Cyprus but also abroad.

Located in the capital city of Cyprus – Nicosia, life in and around Casa College will never get you bored! The two campuses are located in the city center and offer everything you will ever need during your studies, incl. modern computer labs and university halls, a library as well as professional kitchen facilities for students who are enrolled in some of their study programs in the field of Hotel Administration. Furthermore, Casa College collaborates with Cyprus Sports Organisation in order to provide students with excellent sports facilities and the opportunity to sign up to various sports teams and events. And of course, in your free time you can explore the local culture of Cyprus and meet many other foreigners who have moved abroad to study or work on the island!

Study programs & Tuition fees

You can apply for one of the following programs at Case College in Cyprus:

Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration. Casa College in Cyprus offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel Administration. The subjects cover a lot of theoretical knowledge and the excellent facilities and internships included in the curriculum help all students prepare for real-life situations and develop a wide range of skills. Furthermore, the practical training adds experience to the CV of each student – this way, you become a great candidate for future positions in the hotel and hospitality industry! As a student in Hotel Administration, you will have many interesting and useful subjects during your studies, including European Business Law, Marketing, Sales Management, Human Resource Management. Furthermore, many elective courses will help you expand your skills in various fields – for instance, you can sign up to study Greek language, Statistics, Political Science and more! The tuition fees for the Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration are 4,750 EUR for the first year and then 2500 EUR for every following year.

Also, you can apply for a 1-year certificate in Adult Nursing. This is suitable for applicants who already have a degree in the field of healthcare and would like to gain even more experience with working with elderly while studying at one of the best colleges in Europe. The course consists of two semesters and covers many interesting and useful subjects such as Nutrition and Special Diets as well as Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. One of the best aspects of the program is that students spend half of their education in clinical hours. Indeed, Casa College focuses on providing important practical training by allowing students to work in simulation labs at a prestigious hospital in Cyprus as well as with patients under the supervision of qualified nurses. The tuition fees for the 1-year certificate in Adult Nursing are 5900 EUR in total.

Last but not least, Casa College also offers a 1-year certificate in Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations. The program is suitable for everyone who has completed high school and is eager to acquire knowledge in various fields. Indeed, the curriculum includes different interesting subjects allowing students to apply for various job positions on a cruise ship, incl. restaurant management, front office, housekeeping, health and safety, etc. Furthermore, there is also an internship in order to make sure that graduates have the practical experience needed for future work opportunities. The tuition fees for the 1-year certificate in Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations are 4750 EUR.

Application & Entry requirements

In order to meet the entry requirements of Casa College, every applicant must submit a set of documents. They include a passport copy, a high school diploma, a medical certificate and more. Additionally, the number of documents needed depends on the citizenship of the applicant. Application deadlines also vary depending on the study program of your choice. The team of Inter HECS has many years of experience with university admission, so we are here to help you – make sure to contact our team and we will be happy to guide you throughout all steps to become a student!

Student life & Living costs

Living costs in Cyprus are very affordable in comparison to countries in Western or Central Europe. Of course, your expenses depend on many factors, such as your lifestyle (e.g. how often you go out, where you live, what type of food you buy and where, etc.). Make sure to check the following website to see how much you are likely to spend daily for various things such as meals at a restaurant, a water bottle, eggs, etc.

Casa College offers a scholarship to students. Each application is reviewed carefully and of course, the academic performance and out-of-class activities are taken into consideration.

Of course, if you live on student budget, there are several tips to make sure you reduce your expenses:

  1. Plan your weekly meals and cook more. Once you move to Cyprus and find permanent accommodation, you can go grocery shopping once or twice a week – this way you can prepare your weekly menu at home, instead of eating out which will, of course, cost more.
  2. Consider sharing an apartment with other students. In case you live on your own, rent and bills will be higher. This is why most students prefer to look for roommates.
  3. Is it essential? Every time you buy something, try to think about it carefully – do you really need the item / the snack that much? Maybe wait for an hour or a day and see if you still want it.
  4. Keep a diary of your expenses. There are many mobile applications to help you keep track of your expenses. This way, at the end of the month you can see where most of your savings go and think about what you can do better in the future to take control of your finances.
  5. Find a part-time job. You can look for job opportunities in Cyprus! Many international companies look for foreigners who possess language skills, so you might be able to find a suitable work position. Once you start earning money, you will definitely think twice before buying stuff!

Student accommodation

Casa College is located in the city centre of Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. This means that students have many options for student accommodation! The price depends on many factors such as the location of the property, how many people live in it, how modern the building is, etc. In general, students can choose between a private apartment (meaning you have a bedroom, a bathroom and kitchen for you only) as well as a shared apartment (meaning you have a private bedroom but other rooms are usually shared with roommates). You can share an apartment with one, two or even more people – in this case, you can expect to pay rent of about 100 to 200 EUR per month. In comparison, a private apartment in the city centre is usually around 450 EUR per month. The team of Inter HECS and Casa College are happy to help students find accommodation, so don’t worry – you will never be left alone in the city and you can easily find other students to share accommodation with!

About the city

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus – around 100 000 people live in it. It is the largest city in the country and it is located in the center of Cyprus. The great weather, the nearby sandy beaches as well as the cultural monuments and interesting museums attract many tourists all year round. Some of the most famous sightseeing places include Selimiye Mosque, Cyprus Museum, Ledra Street and the Old Town.

Furthermore, even though there are many international restaurants where you can eat various dishes from around the world, we definitely recommend visiting the cosy local restaurants and cafés where you can try the delicious local cuisine (e.g. sheftalies, koupepia, makaronia tou fournou).

It is also quite easy to meet other foreigners in Nicosia – there are many reputable educational institutions, such as Casa College, the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia, that welcome many international students every year. The big shopping malls and the worldwide famous fast-food chains and clothing brands will make you feel as if you have never left home. And over the weekend make sure to explore other cities and sightseeing places on the island, including Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos – you won’t be disappointed!

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