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Study at Alte University in Tbilisi

If you are looking for a modern university that offers Medicine, Dentistry or Computer Science in English in exchange for affordable tuition fees, you are on the right page! In the following, we will tell you more about Alte University – a leading higher education institution in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

Reasons to study at Alte University in Tbilisi

Alte University in Tbilisi has become one of the leading universities in Georgia and there are many reasons to it! 

  • The university offers Medicine, Dentistry and Computer Science in English. It welcomes more than 1500 international students every year! You will be able to make friends with people from all over the world – India, Ghana, Liberia, the United Kingdom and more! 
  • The diploma issued by Alte University is recognized by many countries abroad. This means you can work in a different country or continent after graduating! International recognition is also granted by WHO, NMC (National Medical Comission), WFME (World Federation for Medical Education), and more.
  • The tuition fees are much lower in comparison to other universities in Europe. For instance, Medicine in English is only 5500 USD per year, Dentistry – 4500 USD, Computer Science – 3000 USD.
  • The admission process does not include sitting an entrance test. This is a great advantage in comparison to other universities in Europe where many applicants fight for one study place and have to study for months for stressful entrance exams in various subjects.
  • The university campus buildings and labs are very modern! Furthermore, Ivane Bokeria University Hospital is an affiliated university clinic so you will gain excellent practical experience during your studies. The hospital unites more than 15 different departments, incl. Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Oncology, Critical Medicine, and this way gives students a chance to learn from the best in the different fields,  sign up for internships and choose the right career path. 
  • Alte University also has a career center, language clubs, a medical research club, and thematic entertainment events, and offers many exchange programs with universities around the world.

About Alte University in Tbilisi

Alte University is located in the city of Tbilisi. Located only 15 min walk away from Delisi metro station, you can easily reach the campus from every part of the city. And undoubtedly, as soon as you open the door you will be impressed – the common areas, sports facilities as well as labs and lecture halls are outstanding! Below you can find photos of the renovated campus of Alte University.

The university was established in 2002 and it has become one of the leading medical universities in the region. Nowadays, it unites 5 schools and 13 different study programs, including Medicine, Dentistry and Computer Science in English. The number of international students coming from more than 30 different countries and starting their journey abroad at Alte University is increasing every year!

Multiple partnerships with reputable universities in Europe and Asia, as well as recognition by world-renowned organizations are only one proof why Alte University is the place to study at!

Admission, entry requirements and university life

If you wish to study Medicine, Dentistry or Computer Science in English at Alte University, you must prepare a set of application documents. Furthermore, you need to pass an interview as part of the admission process. There are two intakes per year – in spring and autumn, and applicants should be careful when it comes to meeting the deadlines for submission of the application. Don’t worry, though – the team of Inter HECS has years of experience and will be happy to assist you with the application process! 

And great news! Admission is already open for the next intake – contact our team for a free consultation!

Life in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and it lies on both banks of the Kura River. Its population is around 1 million people.

Tbilisi International Airport welcomes tourists coming from different countries, incl. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, Turkey and many others. Famous airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, flydubai, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and more offer direct flights to Tbilisi, Georgia!

Tbilisi is also the place to be if you want to live abroad in Georgia! There are many museums, galleries and sightseeing places (for instance: Narikala Fortress, the National Gallery, the Georgian National Museum, the open-air museum of Ethnography, the cable car, etc.)  but also parks where you can enjoy a walk after lectures! The variety of shopping malls and local and international restaurants but also cosy coffee places in the city center will also keep you busy in your free time!

Tips for foreigners in Tbilisi

Georgia is considered a safe country. Here are some tips by the team of Inter HECS so that you enjoy your stay in Tbilisi to the fullest:

  • Take part in student activities! Alte University is organizing many events and you will meet many other foreign students every day!
  • Travel around! Go hiking in the high Caucasus Mountains, enjoy sunbathing at the Black Sea or go for a weekend trip to Armenia! 
  • Spend time outside! There are so many cosy coffee places and free Wi-Fi hotspots around the city – look out for the free “Tbilisi loves you” network! Don’t forget to also visit Mtatsminda Park or hop on the Tbilisi cable car for great city views from above!
  • Learn local phrases! Young people usually speak English, but it is always nice to greet and thank in the local language. Many useful YouTube videos will help you learn the basics of the language.
  • Try the local cuisine! We absolutely love it and recommend khinkali, khachapuri or lobio. 
  • Call 112 if there is a problem!

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