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Study Medicine in Serbia

Serbian medical universities are known worldwide for the high quality of education they offer! Each year, more than 10 000 international students apply for admission in medical schools in Eastern Europe and Serbia is one of the top choices for medical students abroad. Universities in Serbia offer a variety of medical programs in English language. Most foreign students choose to study Medicine or Dentistry in English. After completing the programs, students are awarded a Master's degree which is recognized abroad - this way students can work abroad after graduation! Below we have summarized some of the reasons why people choose to study abroad in Serbia as well as information about admission to study Medicine in Serbia. 

Reasons to study in Serbia

The location of the country is great - Serbia is located close to Central Europe and has many neighboring countries (incl. Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, etc.). This way, you will be able to travel often during your studies and explore new cultures with your friends from university!

There are also different international airports (e.g. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Niš Constantine the Great Airport) which give students a chance to travel during their studies and also fly back home over the holidays. Low-cost airlines offer direct flights to different cities in Serbia. This is very important for foreign students!

Furthermore, the low tuition fees in Serbia attract many international students who are eager to study abroad at a prestigious medical university. Unfortunately, most medical schools abroad are quite expensive and offer study programs in the medical field for more than 12 000 EUR per year. In comparison, studying Medicine in Serbia will cost you only around 5500 EUR per year!

Last but not least, one of the things that students find important are the affordable living expenses in Serbia. In comparison to other European countries, living budget-friendly is definitely possible if you choose to study in Serbia! Did you know that rent per month is about 150 EUR for a nice and modern flat? Enjoying a meal in a restaurant is also quite cheap!

Medical Universities in Serbia

The team of Inter HECS is proud to announce that we also work with prestigious Serbian medical universities. The study programs available in English language include Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. The level of education is excellent and the international atmosphere at the Serbian universities is great - you will definitely meet many other foreigners!

Keep in mind that student loans are usually not available. Nevertheless, tuition fees in Serbia are usually very low and our team will also provide you with information on working part-time during your studies in Serbia!

We are official representatives of University of Niš which offers Medicine in English. The tuition fees are 5500 EUR per academic year which is less expensive in comparison to other European countries which offer the same study program in English language. Furthermore, the duration of the course is six years and students are awarded an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. Afterwards, students can choose to work in Serbia or abroad - cool, right? Our team offers full application and relocation support, so do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] for more information! 

Admission in Serbian medical schools

It doesn't come as a surprise that admission in medical universities in Serbia is very strict! Students are expected to submit several application documents before the university's deadline. In addition, some of the documents must be legalized and translated by different authorities. At the end, each document will be carefully reviewed by representatives of the university. We, at Inter HECS, know how stressful the applicaiton process may be - this is why we fully assist our students with the application, including preparation and submission of the documents! 

People interested in applying for admission in Serbia must keep in mind that passing an entrance exam may be required for successful admission. Usually, students are obliged to sit an entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry. Admission in Serbian medical universities is very competitive - this is why all applicants must prepare very well for the entrance exam and prove their knowledge in both exam subjects. It is important to point out that Inter HECS provides students with sample tests and study materials - so don't worry, we are here to help you prepare for the exam and apply for admission in Serbia!

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