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The University was founded in 1965 and nowadays, it includes 14 different faculties! Some of them include: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Economics. All the faculties have been accredited and offer various interesting Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. Since its foundation, nearly 75 000 local and around 2000 international students have completed their higher education at the university - the diploma allows students to work abroad which is one of the many aspects attracting foreigners to University of Niš in Serbia. In 2009 and 2014, the university was accredited - this opened the doors for the international spirit of the university. In addition, the university works with the European Credit Transfer (ECTS).

One very important aspect of the university is the focus on research. It is interesting to point out that some of the scientific projects have been funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development! Furthermore, the university has provided great facilities for the students, including a student infirmary, dormitory for local students, canteens and a modern library named "Nikola Tesla". The university also welcomes foreign students by organizing Serbian language courses

University of Nis, Serbia

University of Niš is located close to the city center of Niš, the third biggest city in Serbia. This allows medical students to experience the international vibe of the city and explore the student opportunities even after university! The main building is quite beautiful too - it has been pronounced to be a cultural treasure of major significance. It used to be the administrative seat of the Morava County and it was built more than 130 years ago near Nisava river. Its neo Renaissance style has always inspired artists and tourists visiting Serbia!

Study Medicine at University of Niš

Faculty of Medicine at University of Niš is a great place to study Medicine in English. The Faculty offers a six-year Master's degree in General Medicine and the graduates will receive MD degree (Doctor of Medicine). In total, students will obtain 360 ECTS. This means that students can apply for a PhD degree after completing their studies at the University of Niš. 

Applicants must pass an entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry in English and must submit application documents to the university in order to be included in the final ranking of admitted students. The tuition fees are 5500 EUR per academic year, which is very affordable in comparison to other European countries that offer the same degree. In addition, the university offers a preparatory course for the applicants in both exam subjects (Biology and Chemistry).

The education is practice-oriented which attracts many medical students who want to work after graduation. During their first year of education, they will have some of the following subjects: Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Molecular and Human Genetics, Medicine and Society, Introduction to Clinical Practice, etc.

University hall in University of Nis, Serbia

Admission and entrance exam for Medicine in English in Niš

Applicants must prepare documents according to the university's requirements and submit them within a deadline in order to be considered for admission. Some of the important steps include legalization and translation of the documents. The team of Inter HECS provides full application support, so you do not have to worry about missing deadlines or missing out any important documents as part of your application!

Furthermore, all applicants must sit an entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry. Usually, students sit the exam in the campus of the university. Keep in mind that entry is very competitive, as the university accepts a limited number of students per academic year. The students have to score at least 51% in each exam subject and will be ranked according to their exam results. We offer entrance exam preparation, so you feel prepared for the exam and score very high!

If you are interested in applying for admission in Medicine in English at the University of Niš, do not hesitate to contact our admission team at [email protected] - we will provide you with a free consultation and information about the next steps of your application!

University of Nis, Serbia - Facilities

Student life, expenses and accommodation in Niš

University of Niš offers a dormitory, but, unfortunately, it is only available for local students. Most foreign students who study in Niš choose to rent a private or shared apartment. Usually, the rent per month is around 150 EUR, but the price varies according to the size of the apartment as well as its location. The team of Inter HECS helps students find accommodation in Niš, so don't worry!

Living expenses in Niš, Serbia are very cheap too! The local currency in Serbia is Serbian Dinar (RSB). A meal in a restaurant may cost around 5 EUR, whereas a ticket for public transportation is around 0.50 EUR! This makes the city very budget-friendly and suitable for students who wish to study abroad and take advantage of affordable living expenses. Most people travel by bus or taxi - whatever you choose, it will be fast, cheap and convenient!

It is important to point out that the airport in Niš (Niš Constantine the Great Airport) offers many international flight connections! Some of the airlines that offer flights to Niš, Serbia include WizzAir, RyanAir, Air Serbia and Swiss. Moreover, the city is located near to three other big airports - in Belgrade (Serbia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Skopje (North Macedonia). This allows foreign students to fly back home more often, but also to travel during their studies and explore the culture of different countries!

There are many things to do in Niš and students definitely enjoy their stay! The city is home to many interesting festivals, incl. the Film Festival and several music festivals. Many students also like going to the cinema and enjoy outdoor sports activities, including tennis or even rent-a-bike! One of the most beloved activities is walking along the beautiful Nisava river. Of course, you can also go to an escape room or a enjoy a game of bowling and billiard with your friends. Famous sightseeing places in the city include: the Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp, Nis Fortress, Skull Tower, Three Fists memorial and Tinkers Alley. Last but not least, students also like visiting the beautiful galleries and interesting museums in Niš - undoubtedly, the city offers many activities for people who want to explore a new culture!

Student life in Nis, Serbia