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Study Medicine in Georgia

To study abroad in Georgia is a common choice among foreigners who look for reputed universities abroad that offer Medicine in English and have affordable tuition fees. We are happy to inform you that we can help you apply for admission in prestigious medical universities in Georgia. They offer study programs in English language, so you will meet many other international students and make friends for a lifetime. Keep in mind that in order to become a student in Georgia, you will need to prepare your application very carefully. Below, you will find information about the medical universities in Georgia, the top reasons why people choose to study abroad in Georgia and also important details for admission. Of course, do not hesitate to contact our team for a free consultation if you need any further information. 

Reasons to study in Georgia

To start with, a lot of foreign students choose to study in Georgia because of the location of the country. It is on the border between Europe and Asia, so it is guaranteed that you will experience different cultures and expand your horizons. The culture in Georgia is definitely one of a kind and it invites open-minded people from everywhere to visit and live in this beautiful country. 

Furthermore, living on the border of two continents is a great option if you love traveling. The great number of international flights that connect the capital city with tourist destinations around the world is a great promise for a memorable student life. 

Of course, the low living expenses present an important factor that international students take into consideration. In comparison to many European countries, living in Georgia is quite affordable - even in the capital city! Mothly rent for a nice apartment in the city center can cost around 300 USD. Budget-friendly daily life in Georgia is definitely a bonus that students take advantage of!

In addition, the low tuition fees in Georgia also attract students who want to study abroad. Furthermore, some of the leading medical schools in Georgia even offer scholarships to students!

Last but not least, the universities offer degrees that are recognized abroad, so if you study in Georgia, you will be able to work abroad

To summarize, studying in Georgia is an excellent opportunity for people who look for a multicultural environment and prestigious universities with affordable tuition fees!

Medical Universities in Georgia

Of course, we are happy to help you to apply for admission in medical universities in Georgia. Two of the most common choices among foreign students are New Vision University and Caucasus International University. Both of them are located in the capital city, Tbilisi, and are famous for the excellence of the higher education and the great number of amazing opportunities they offer to their students and alumni.

New Vision University in Tbilisi, Georgia is a new and modern university that offers several study programs in English language. Usually, international students apply for Medicine or Dental Medicine in English - both of them are Master's degrees open to both EU and non-EU applicants. Other study programs you can consider include Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing, Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management and PhD in Medicine. There are many student societies at the university that organize events for students of all years. 

Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia is also a common choice among future medical students. It offers a variety of study programs in English, including Medicine, Dental Medicine, Business Administration, International Marketing, Pharmacy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The university has introduced a Mentor program so you will have an upper-year student to guide you with your studies and exams in first year. It is definitely one of the most prestigious universities in Georgia, so contact our team if you are interested in admission!

Tuition fees vary depending on the study program and the university of your choice. As mentioned, some medical universities in Georgia offer scholarships!

Admission in medical schools in Georgia

In order to apply for admission in a university in Georgia, you have to consider the entry requirements of the university you are interested in. Students who meet the entry requirements of the university will have to collect application documents and submit them to the university. The good news is that we provide help with the application - we will review your case for free to see if you are eligible to apply. Furthermore, we can assist you with the legalization and translation of the documents, so you are able to start your studies for the upcoming academic year. 

Keep in mind that an entrance exam may be required for admission to a university in Georgia. Furthermore, some universities conduct online interviews with applicants. These aspects of the application may vary according to the study program of your choice. If there is an entrance exam, we can provide you with sample tests and study materials to help you pass the test with excellent scores. If there are any additional requirements, e.g. an interview, we will send you detailed instructions, so don't worry! What you need to do is simply contact our team and we will help you with the application process!

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