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Are you looking for help with applying for admission at Caucasus International University? Are you an international student looking forward to study Medicine or Dental Medicine in English? If yes, you are at the right place! The university does not only offer these two study programs in English - you can also choose Business Administration in English, International Marketing in English, Pharmacy in English or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in English. Below you will find more information in regards to admission and entry requirements at Caucasus International University as well as details about student life in Tbilisi, Georgia

Life in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and is one of the biggest cities in the region. Tbilisi International Airport offers many flight connections - this allows tourists to visit the beautiful capital city but also international students to travel during their studies at one of the most prestigious universities - Caucasus International University. In addition, the neighboring countries of Georgia (Turkey, Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan) but also the great location of the country contribute to the multicultural environment of the capital city Tbilisi. The city center of Tbilisi is full of international restaurants and coffee places where students love to hang out after university lectures. 

Famous sightseeing places in Tbilisi, Georgia, include Narikala Fortress, Mother of Georgia Statue, Rike park, the Presidential Palace, Freedom Square, the Bridge of Peace etc. Some museums and galleries that you will definitely want to visit are the Museum of Illusions, the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi Auto Museum. The capital city will definitely offer you and your friends in Georgia many leisure activities to keep you busy when you are not at university!

Living expenses and accommodation in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a great destination to study if you are looking for a budget-friendly capital city that offers both many leisure activities and is home to many prestigious international universities. The local currency is Georgian LARI (GEL). 1 USD is around 2.80 GEL, whereas 1 EUR equals nearly 3 GEL. Of course, you can exchange money at the airport and also in the city center. 

If you choose to rent a private flat in the city center, the price may be up to 350 - 400 USD per month. Utilities are usually not included but, just like the rent, the price may vary depending on the size of the apartment. Of course, most students prefer to share a flat with another student - we also help with finding accommodation and a flatmate if you choose to study in Tbilisi, Georgia!

Having a meal outside in a nice restaurant is definitely cheaper in comparison to other European capitals - it may cost around 7 USD (or even cheaper, depending on the restaurant of your choice!). Of course, buying food from supermarkets is the cheapest option for students who are on budget

When it comes to transportation, most people use metro, bus, mini buses (called 'marshrutka') or of course, local taxi services. The monthly pass for public transportation costs 11 USD. Of course, you can also buy a bike or walk to university - it really depends where you choose to live!

Caucasus International University in Georgia - A modern university

Caucasus International University was founded in 1995 and nowadays has five different faculties - Business, Social Sciences, Law, Medicine and Viticulture-Winemaking. It also offers scholarships for students who achieve great results each semester and take part in student activities. One of the things that freshers love about the university is that it offers a Mentor program, so upper-year students will also be there to support you with all aspects of university life! Of course, later on, you will also be able to become a mentor and share the experience you have gained throughout your education at Caucasus International University. In addition, you will also be able to take part in many student activities organized by the university and your future colleagues, e.g. art studio, theatre troupe, musical band, basketball, rugby and intellect club. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy a fun break between lectures by visiting the university cafeteria - it offers delicious international and local dishes!

Study programs in English at Caucasus International University

Caucasus International University welcomes foreigners from all countries! The excellent level of education, the multicultural environment in Tbilisi and at the university as well as the great number of medical studies available in English language are indeed three of the main aspects that make Caucasus International University one of the top choices among future students! As mentioned above, the university offers the following programs in English: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Business Administration, International Marketing, Pharmacy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Depending on the study program of your choice, the type of the degree, tuition fees as well as the duration of the course may vary. Below, we have summarized the most important information for each study program offered by Caucasus International University. 

Study Medicine in English at Caucasus International University, Georgia

Students interested in studying Medicine in English at Caucasus International University must be able to prove English skills B2 level - either by presenting a language certificate or taking an English exam at the university. Upon graduation, students are awarded the MD title (Doctor of Medicine). The program is taught in English language and lasts for six years, 12 semesters. The university tuition fee is 5500 USD per year.

The academic year takes 38 weeks, with each semester being 19 weeks. Usually, the last three weeks are set for exams and retake sessions. In total, students will obtain 365 credits during their medical studies at Caucasus International University. During the academic year students have lectures and practical sessions to help them show their skills and prepare for working and communicating with patients. Some of the modules which have to be completed include "Body structure with clinical rotations", "Body structure with Clinical skills of basic surgery", "Pathology and Pharmacology", "Pediatrics with clinical skills in pediatrics" and "Clinical Medicine". Students also have various interesting elective courses such as Nutrientiology, Sports Medicine, Substance-related disorders, etc.

Study Dentistry in English at Caucasus International University, Georgia

Dental students at Caucasus International University study for five years (10 semesters in total). They are taught in English language and have to complete 300 credits during their education. At the end, students are awarded the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) title. People interested in applying should present an English certificate (the English language level must be B2 or above) or sit an English exam at the Language Center of the University. The tuition fee per academic year is 4500 USD.

The academic year for students in Dentistry at Caucasus International University is divided into two semesters and lasts for 38 weeks in total. The final weeks of each semester present exam sessions. Students will have theoretical and practical sessions - this way they will gain both theoretical knowledge and clinical experience. Some of the subjects students will have the chance to study include: Laboratory medicine, Immunology for dentists, Medical Radiology for dentists, Prevention of dental diseases, Clinical Odontology, Odontology of children and adolescents, etc. 

Study Pharmacy in English at Caucasus International University

Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia also welcomes students who are eager to study Pharmacy in English. It is a four-year Bachelor program and the tuition fees are 4000 USD per year. In total, students will obtain 240 credits - they will include lectures and practical sessions. The study program Pharmacy in English will allow graduates to receive an internationally recognized diploma to help them find a job in the respective field.

Study Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in English

Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia also offers a degree in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The study program is taught in English language and takes four academic years. The academic year is divided into two semesters and the yearly tuition fees are 4000 USD for international students. In total, students will have to complete 240 credits at the university which includes interesting and practice-oriented subjects. At the end, students will obtain a Bachelor's degree. In total, students will have to complete 240 credits at the university which includes interesting and practice-oriented subjects. 

Study Business Administration in English at Caucasus International University

Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia, also offers Business Administration in English language. It takes four academic years with the yearly tuition fees being 3500 USD. In total, students will get 240 credits. The qualification to be awarded is Bachelor of Business Administration. Applicants must have English skills level at B2 level. The academic year has two semesters and takes 38 weeks in total. Students will have some of the following subjects: Public Relations, Negotiation Methods, Conflict resolution management, Taxation, Global Financial Markets, etc.

Study International Marketing in English at Caucasus International University

Last but not least, students are also welcome to apply for a Master's degree in International Marketing in English at Caucasus International University. The study program takes two years (four semesters in total) and the university tuition fee per year is 3500 USD. Students will aim for 120 credits and will take part in lectures, work groups, practical training, various projects, presentations and research. Students in International Marketing in English will also gain knowledge in some of the following subjects: International brand management, Marketing and culture, International trade law, International practice of Public relations, etc.

Apply to study in English at Caucasus International University in Tbilisi

If you wish to apply for admission in Caucasus International University in Georgia, you should carefully consider all university deadlines and application documents that may vary depending on the program of your interest. We are happy to inform you that the team of Inter HECS Ltd. offers full application and relocation support to help you apply at the university and become a student! What you simply need to do is contact our team at [email protected] and we will guide you with the next steps.