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Study at New Vision University in Georgia

One of the universities abroad that offers medical programs in English is New Vision University in Georgia (NVU). The university is located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and welcomes many students with different national and educational background. Its focus is on research and innovation - these key aspects have made the university very famous among locals and foreigners looking for a reputable medical university in Europe. The university was established in the year of 2013 and just a year later they have built the New Vision University Hospital which not only offers free healthcare services but also provides students with useful practice-oriented training and lessons. New Vision University also has many partner universities in case you are interested in a semester abroad: Kyoto College of Medical Science (Kyoto, Japan), Catania University (Catania, Italy), Alba Graduate Business School (Athens, Greece), International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (Brussels, Belgium) and others.

Below, you will find information about the study programs at New Vision University which are available in English language, as well as information about the entry requirements, admission and enrollment as well as life in Tbilisi, Georgia. If you choose to study at New Vision University in Georgia, you will fulfill your dream of becoming a medical student at a modern university with a great portfolio and reputation in and outside Europe. 

Study programs available in English language

New Vision University in Georgia offers many study programs in Georgian and English language. Available medical study programs in English include Medicine (Master's degree), Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing (Bachelor's degree), Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management (Master's degree), PhD in Medicine as well as Dental Medicine. The entry requirements may vary depending on your educational background and the study program you are interested in. Below, we have compiled the most important information for each study program available in English, but if you have any other questions, just contact our admission team at [email protected]

Study Medicine at New Vision University

If you would like to work as a doctor after you graduate or go for a specialization, you should choose the Medical Doctor Program in English at New Vision University in Georgia. It is suitable for people who speak English language and are interested in working in an intense field aiming to help people and provide better healthcare for everyone. The Medicine Doctor program has 350 credits and takes 5 to 6 years depending on the student's performance at New Vision University. This means you can complete the Medicine program faster in comparison to other medical universities in Europe and therefore, apply for a job or a specialization earlier. After completing the education, you will earn the Medical Doctor degree. The university also provides medical training and sticks to the standards set by the World Federation of Medical Education which guarantees great quality of education and preparation for real-life cases and work after university. Some of the subjects you will study include: Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Communication Skills in Medicine, Stem Cells. The yearly tuition fees are 7000 USD, but you can also apply for a scholarship which would significantly decrease the annual fee. 

Study Nursing at New Vision University

New Vision University in Georgia is a very famous university to apply at if you are interested in Nursing. The university offers Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing in English as a Bachelor's degree. The number of credits you will obtain are 240 and the duration of the education in Nursing is four years which makes it suitable for people who wish to graduate within a short period of time and work in the medical field. One of the benefits of studying Nursing at New Vision University is also the affordable tuition fees which amount to 4500 USD per year. Scholarships are also possible for students. Some of the subjects that are included in the program are: Health Assessment, Pain Management, Nursing for Infectious Diseases, Kinesitherapy. Sounds interesting, right? Of course, the university will prepare you for real-life scenarios and meeting patients - this is why studying Nursing in English at New Vision University is a common choice among many future students! 

Study Healthcare Management at New Vision University

New Vision University in Georgia also offers Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management as a Master's degree in case you have completed a similar study program before and you now wish to proceed with advancing your skills in the medical field and obtaining a Master's degree. Of course, the education is completely in English language and will allow you to gain practical and useful skills. The study program consists of 120 credits and takes 2 years. The yearly tuition fees are 4500 USD and the university offers a scholarship. This way you can pay less for the education - only 3375 USD per year.  The university also gives you a chance to focus on different fields during your studies in the Healthcare Management: Neurorehabilitation, Rehabilitation of the Musculoskeletal Disorders, Healthcare Administration or Wellness Management! Some of the interesting subjects you will be able to study are: Corporate Financial Management, Health Systems Policy, Financing and Organization, Strategic Marketing for Healthcare Organizations and others. They will give you a good overview of how a healthcare organization actually works and will help you acquire skills to work at an international level.

Study PhD in Medicine at New Vision University

If you have already completed Medicine abroad but you wish to apply for a postgraduate degree in Medicine (PhD in Medicine), New Vision University in Georgia is definitely one of the options you should consider. The Doctorate in Medicine is available in English language, which in comparison to other medical universities in Europe, is quite an advantage. The number of credits are 180 and only 12 students are enrolled! The PhD in Medicine at New Vision University takes 3 years in total and the annual university fee is 5000 USD. Of course, you can also apply for a scholarship! If you are curious about what PhD studies at New Vision University would be like, here are two of the main subjects that will be taught during your journey: Professor guided research and Teaching Methods. The PhD degree will definitely help you improve your analytical skills, team management and teaching abilities! 

Study Dental Medicine at New Vision University

Starting from the year of 2020, New Vision University in Georgia also offers Dental Medicine in English language. The innovative subjects and way of teaching at the university has already attracted many applicants who want to study Dentistry in English and are eager to study at a prestigious medical university in Europe which will later allow them to work as dentists abroad. The practice-oriented training at New Vision University allows students to meet patients during their studies and learn to use modern technologies and gain practical skills which are a must for dentists.

Graduate entry in Medicine at New Vision University

New Vision University indeed welcomes students with all educational backgrounds! One of the biggest advantages of New Vision University in comparison to other medical students in Europe is that it offers a graduate entry for people who have completed or studied a similar degree before. Of course, it is mandatory that the applicant submits their documents for a review first. Please contact our admission team at [email protected] for assessment - this way we will be able to provide you with opportunities to graduate Medicine in just a few years time!

Scholarships and students loans

New Vision University in Georgia offers student loans and scholarships to students of all educational and national backgrounds. This makes the university open to students who wish to study in the field of Medicine and are looking for affordable tuition fees. Thanks to the great scholarships the university offers, the yearly tuition fees can be decreased, allowing students to fulfill their dream and graduate at a prestigious medical university in Europe with little costs involved. For all funding opportunities at New Vision University, make sure to contact our team - we will be happy to assist you with the application and provide you with useful information for your admission.

Entry requirements and admission criteria at New Vision University

All future students applying for admission in New Vision University in Georgia must comply with the entry requirements for each specific study program available in English at the university. The entry requirements for each study program at New Vision University depend on the study program of your choice. Therefore, if you are interested in applying, we advise you to contact our admission team at [email protected] which will assess your documents and educational background and inform you about whether or not you meet the university entry requirements. We will do our best to help you with the application so that you secure a student spot at New Vision University for the upcoming academic year.

Apply to study at New Vision University

Admission steps for successful enrollment in New Vision University include many steps like preparing and submitting the application documents within a strict deadline provided by the university. In addition, an online interview may be required. The team of Inter HECS can help you apply at New Vision University, prepare you for all steps of the admission and make sure you get a spot at New Vision University for the upcoming start of the academic year! Our services include application, relocation and full ongoing support, so you become a medical student in Europe as soon as possible!

Life in Tbilisi, Georgia

Located between Europe and Asia, Georgia is definitely a country famous for welcoming people from all around the world! The neighboring countries include Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan and present great travel ideas while you are a student in Georgia! Also, the Black Sea coast on the West is a famous place to visit in summer if you want to escape the warm days and also meet many tourists coming to visit the country! Of course, the biggest airport is in Tbilisi, the capital city - the great amount of direct flights to different destinations around the globe will definitely allow you to travel back home often as well as to explore new countries while being a student!

As mentioned above, New Vision University is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The population of the town amounts to around 1.5 million people which makes it the largest city in Georgia. Of course, this means that students living in Tbilisi take advantage of a great student life in a multicultural environment. In addition, locals speak Georgian language, so there is a big chance that you have never experienced their culture and cuisine before - without a doubt, it is an adventure you will always remember! It is also worth mentioning that Tbilisi is a beautiful city located by a river, so there are many scenic parks to go to in your free time, and has many interesting sightseeing places to visit, including the ancient fort, the old and beautiful churches and the historic museums. 

Living costs and accommodation

Living in Georgia is quite affordable! In comparison to other countries in Europe, living and accommodation costs in Tbilisi, Georgia, are much lower, so studying at New Vision University is a great chance to study abroad if you are on budget. A private apartment in the city center costs around 300 EUR per month and local transportation is very cheap - a one-way ticket is below 0.50 EUR! Eating outside is also quite affordable for students - a meal at a restaurant may cost around 5 EUR, but the price may vary depending on the place you eat and what meals it offers. Of course, if doing sports is your thing - don't worry! The city offers many sports facilities and gyms where students like to spend their free time. A monthly subscription may cost around 30 EUR per month, depending on the size of the gym and its location. 

If you are interested in applying for admission at New Vision University in Georgia, please contact our team at [email protected]!