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Baba Marta tradition coming up soon!

Baba Marta tradition

You have probably already seen people selling white and red yarn, gifts and small dolls – don’t wonder why, one of the most beloved and oldest Bulgarian traditions is coming up soon!

”Baba Marta” (or ”Granny March” in English) is celebrated in March and is related to welcoming spring! Why ”Granny”? Well, it is believed that Grandma March is a grumpy old lady and changes her mood very often – just like the March month when weather in Bulgaria can change every day! On 1st of March Bulgarians give to each other a martenitsa (a small bracelet or dolls made of white and red yarn) and put it on their hands or pin it on their clothes next to their hearts. We do this because we believe that these small gifts will bring health, luck and happiness to the people who wear them! Also, when we exchange martenitsi (the plural form of ”martenitsa”) we greet the other people with ”Chestita Baba Marta” (”Happy Granny March”).

Only once you see a flying stork or a blossoming tree (symbols of spring) you should hang the martenitsa on a tree branch or put it under a stone and wish for something!

Bulgarians love this tradition so much that it is common you see trees and buildings covered in white and red! Can’t wait for 1st of March!

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