Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Bulgaria - Facts

Tuition fees are probably the only part of studying abroad that students dislike. In the following, we will share with you some facts about tuition fees in Bulgaria that will help you decide whether you want to study in Bulgaria. Enjoy the list of reasons why studying in Bulgaria is a must!

Tuition fees in Bulgaria are cheap.

That's definitely true - if you compare the tuition fees of all Bulgarian universities to other European universities, you will notice that the tuition fees in Bulgaria are at least twice cheaper

For instance, if you want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria, it will cost you between 7000 to 8000 Euro per academic year. In comparison, other universities in Europe may charge up to 15 000 Euro per year or even more. Other specialties like Veterinary Medicine in English, Engineering, Economics or Journalism cost about 3000 Euro per academic year. This allows students to study abroad in exchange to low tuition fees which will give them also the opportunity to spend a semester abroad because of the great established university partnerships. 

Combined with the fact that the living costs in Bulgaria are low, higher education in Bulgaria stands for low expenses as a whole!

You can pay the tuition fees in installments.

Some international students in Bulgaria prefer to pay the tuition fees at once (before the beginning of the winter semester). The other option is to pay with two installments (meaning before the start of each semester). In this case, the amount of both installments must be the same (50% - 50%). This means that it is not possible to pay 10% of the tuition fees before the start of the winter semester and then keep the rest of the sum for the summer semester.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to pay the tuition fees of the best Bulgarian universities in more than two installments (e.g. three or four). Exceptions are usually not made so requests to the management staff of Bulgarian universities end up declined.

The tuition fees must be paid within the deadline given by the respective Bulgarian university. If not, students are to be expelled. 

There are a few ways to finance your studies in Bulgaria.

Of course, there are several ways to finance your studies in Bulgaria. The first one is student loans - you apply for a student loan to a bank in Bulgaria which will cover all of your future tuition fees. Keep in mind that not all Bulgarian universities provide student loans for students.

It goes without saying that scholarships are also a way to deal with financial struggles in Bulgaria. Scholarships and their requirements may vary according to the specialty and the university of your interest

Last but not least, some students work part-time during their studies in Bulgaria. Of course, the amount of free time you will have during your studies in Bulgaria depends on your time management and your specialty. For instance, people who study Medicine in English usually do not have enough spare time in order to learn and prepare for the exams as well as work part-time in Bulgaria. In any case, international students are welcome to work in Bulgaria at multinational companies, especially if they possess various language skills. Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is based in Bulgaria so we provide full support throughout your studies - we will help you find a part-time job in Bulgaria!