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Study at the American University in Bulgaria

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is among the highest-ranked universities in the country and Europe! It offers internationally recognized study programs, cool summer educational and sports camps, fascinating student societies, modern campus and a dormitory. The AUBG is located in Blagoevgrad – one of the most family-friendly cities in Bulgaria. Below you will find more information about the city itself as well as about the university, including tuition fees, the application process, free time activities and more.

About the university

The American University in Bulgaria was founded in 1991. It follows the high academic standards of American higher education and provides students with practical knowledge, multiple opportunities for leisure activities and internships at some of the best companies in the world.

The American University in Bulgaria has the following departments: Department of Business, Department of Computer Science, Department of Economics, Department of History and Civilizations, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Department of Literature and Theatre, Department of Mathematics and Science, Department of Modern Languages and Arts, Department of Political Science and European Studies, Department of Philosophy and Psychology. They all offer many interesting and modern study programs which attract applicants from all around the world.

The American University in Bulgaria is located in Southwestern Bulgaria in the city of Blagoevgrad. Close to the border of North Macedonia and Greece but also approximately 100 km away from Sofia, the location of the city presents a perfect opportunity if you wish to explore Bulgaria and its neighbouring countries.

Study programs & Tuition fees

The American University in Bulgaria offers some of the following majors: Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, History and Civilizations, Journalism and Mass Communication. Some of the minors available at the American University in Bulgaria include Physics, Fine Arts and Modern Languages and Cultures, Public Policies. Foreigners and locals are welcome to apply! Most study programs also include internships.

The average tuition fees per semester at the American University in Bulgaria are about 6300 USD. The American University in Bulgaria also offers various scholarships, that can make the tuition fees up to 30% less. Keep in mind that the requirements and availability for each scholarship may be subject to change every year.

Application & Entry requirements

If you are interested in admission at the American University in Bulgaria, you must pass an interview. One more requirement is to submit a set of application documents which includes an application form, an essay, letters of recommendation, transcript, English Proficiency Test, a portfolio. Every application is carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee and students usually receive an official answer within four weeks after the application documents have been submitted to the American University in Bulgaria.

Keep in mind that every applicant must follow the application deadlines set by the university. They may vary depending on the start of the academic year (fall or spring). To make sure that applicants feel at ease, we offer application services – this way you and your parents do not need to worry about missing important application documents or deadlines.

Student life & Living costs

There are students from more than 40 countries at the American University in Bulgaria! The international atmosphere made many student societies possible, incl. the Dance Crew, Model United Nations Club, AUBG Movie Club, Business Club, etc. The great sports facilities in and outside the campus add to the amazing university life! Furthermore, South-West University β€œNeofit Rilski” is located in Blagoevgrad and the family-friendly atmosphere of the city attracts many foreigners!

You should not worry when it comes to living costs in Blagoevgrad. If you study at the American University in Bulgaria, most of your expenses will be dedicated to housing and tuition fees. Life in Blagoevgrad is very affordable – a good meal in a restaurant may be between 5 and 8 EUR, whereas street food is usually around 1.5 – 3 EUR. A one-way bus ticket within the city is only 0.50 EUR and a taxi ride is about 3 EUR, but the fare varies depending on the length of the trip. The local currency is Bulgarian leva (BGN).

Student accommodation

The American University in Bulgaria has on-campus residence halls. They are three in total – Skaptopara I, II, and III and offer housing to nearly 800 students. The residence halls include various common rooms for studying and for free time activities, such as aerobics, billiard, music practice. There is also a 24/7 security guard and a reception desk. Upper year students, called β€œresident assistants”, help first-year students with anything they need! In addition, the American University in Bulgaria has designed a Wellness Program for students who live in the residence halls. It includes different activities such as movie screenings and debates. The housing expenses amount to about 700 to 900 USD per semester.

About the city

Blagoevgrad is well-known for being a student-friendly city, so there are many cafΓ©s, restaurants, parks and sports facilities. Some of the must-visit places in Blagoevgrad include Bachinovo park, Varosha neighbourhood, the main pedestrian street as well as the Regional History Museum. Near Blagoevgrad, you will also find famous sightseeing spots like Rila monastery, Stob pyramids, Kresna gorge and Kartala ski resort. Going for a hike near Blagoevgrad is also a great idea – Rila and Pirin mountains are nearby!

In addition, the city is not very big so you will be able to reach all important destinations by bike or foot. Blagoevgrad is also considered very safe – if you go out in the evening, you will see many children playing or couples enjoying a walk along Bistritsa river.

Travelling to and from Blagoevgrad is very convenient! The city has a main bus and railway station and is located right next to E79 highway, which can take you to the capital city Sofia or even Greece. The nearest airport is Sofia Airport, located only about one hour and a half away by car. There are regular bus lines that connect Sofia and Blagoevgrad, so if you want to catch a flight back home or simply go for a trip with your friends, it won’t be too much of a hassle!

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