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Study at the National Sports Academy

The National Sports Academy in Sofia is considered the most prestigious higher education institution in the field of sports in Bulgaria. It offers many study programs related to Sports, Physical Education and Kinesitherapy and welcomes students from all around the world. In the following, we have included more information about the National Sports Academy as well as life in Sofia, Bulgaria.

About the university

The National Sports Academy was founded in 1942. Alumni of the National Sports Academy have been awarded at many sports competitions, including the Olympic games. There is a student dormitory, many sports facilities as well as several cafΓ©s on campus where you can meet up with your colleagues.

The National Sports Academy is located in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. Right in front of the main entrance of the National Sports Academy, you will find a public transport station – bus #94 will take you directly to the city centre. Near the campus, you will also find β€œStudentski” park and the Winter Palace of Culture where you can go ice skating with your friends.

National Sports Academy is located in the β€œStudentski grad” neighbourhood – here you will find many other universities, including the University of Forestry and the University of National and World Economy. This allows you to meet students from Bulgaria and other countries who attend a different university – making friends has never been easier!

Study programs & Tuition fees

The National Sports Academy offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. Bachelor programs take four years, Master programs – 1 to 2 years depending on the educational background of the applicant, and PhD programs take 3 years – you can apply for one after completing your Master’s degree.

The study programs which are available in English are in three main fields: Sports, Physical Education and Kinesitherapy. For instance, if you wish to study and work in the field of Sports, the National Sports Academy offers some of the following professional qualifications: Coach, Sports manager, Sports animator, Sports commentator. It is very important to point out that the English programs are conducted only if there is a minimum number of students who have successfully applied and got admitted to the respective study program.

The tuition fees are usually around 4000 EUR per academic year and are paid in two instalments. There are no scholarships available to cover the tuition fees.

Application & Entry requirements

To apply for admission to the National Sports Academy, you need to prepare and submit documents. The number of documents varies depending on the degree you apply for as well as on your educational and national background. To make sure you feel at ease when applying to study abroad in Bulgaria, we offer excellent application services! You can also take advantage of a free academic consultation to help you decide what you want to study and which university is suitable for you!

Student life & Living costs

The National Sports Academy is located in the β€œStudentski grad” neighbourhood (in English β€œStudents town”) in the capital city of Bulgaria. Both, the city and the neighbourhood, provide students with many opportunities to enjoy their free time – there are many restaurants and cafΓ©s, in and outdoor sports facilities, cinemas, bowling and go-karting places, parks. The neighbourhood is only 15 minutes away by car from Vitosha mountain – if you are interested in hiking or skiing, you will fall in love with life in Sofia!

Do not worry when it comes to living costs – even though Sofia is the most expensive city in Bulgaria, rent, bills and leisure activities are usually much cheaper when compared to expenses in other European countries. Most students pay around 300 EUR per month for rent. A taxi ride to the city centre costs around 8 EUR. A student card for all public transportation lines in Sofia is about 11 EUR per month. Eating out is very affordable too – there is a lot of street food in Sofia, so buying a delicious sandwich near the university costs around 2-3 EUR. The local currency is Bulgarian leva (BGN).

Student accommodation

Most students prefer to rent a modern apartment near the National Sports Academy – in this case, the fee per month is around 200 to 300 EUR depending on the location of the apartment, how big or modern it is, if you live alone or you share the apartment with another student and so on. Bills are usually not included in the rent, but they are not so high too – to illustrate, the Internet fee per month is about 7 EUR. Apartments are usually furnished, so you can move in straight away. The National Sports Academy also offers a student dormitory, where monthly rent is about 50 EUR, but keep in mind that places are limited.

About the city

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria – most Bulgarian universities as well as international companies are based here. They all contribute to the international atmosphere of the city. Even though locals speak Bulgarian, you will never feel lost here – usually, all important information is available in English because of the high number of foreigners who live in Sofia.Β Β 

Sofia is also a must-visit for tourists too! Some of the main sightseeing places in the city include Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Palace of Culture, Vitosha Street, the National Theatre. There are many parks in Sofia and Vitosha mountain is just around the corner!

There is no better place to live in if you like to travel! Here you will find the biggest Bulgarian airport – Sofia Airport. Also, the central bus and railway station connects the city to every part of Bulgaria and other countries. Furthermore, various bus, tram, trolley and metro lines can take you to different neighbourhoods of the city itself, so exploring Sofia after a busy day at the university is simply a must!

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