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New Bulgarian University

Always new, always different, New Bulgarian University will surprise you with even more detailed information, unexpected connections, events, documents and dynamic interior. It was established in 1991 and became the first University in Bulgaria to introduce the credit system, the teaching of professional degrees, Bachelor's and Master's degree, as well as exchange programmes. Personalities of world renown are honorary professors and honorary doctors of the New Bulgarian University. Among them are Richard Rorty, Vera Mutafchieva, Julia Kristeva, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Milcho Leviev, Robert Young, Raina Kabaivanska, Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, Terry Eagleton and others.

Why should you study at New Bulgarian University?

New Bulgarian University is one of the youngest universities in Bulgaria. This presents a significant advantage as all of the university facitilies are quite modern, there are plenty of books available in the university library that are about up-to-date research in different fields. 

New Bulgarian University is also an accredited higher education institution. Diplomas issued at New Bulgarian University are valid in Europe so you are able to study or work abroad after and during your higher education in Bulgaria.

New Bulgarian University has many partner universities, e.g. in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. Hence, if you apply at New Bulgarian University, you will be able to take advantage of the Erasmus plus programme and spend a semester or two abroad in Europe. This way, you will gather priceless international experience and maybe have a chance to learn a new foreign language.

The location of New Bulgarian University is also great! New Bulgarian University is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The capital of Bulgaria offers to foreign students plenty of international events, leisure activities, a big international airport and even Vitosha mountain where people go skiing!

New Bulgarian University - Study programmes and tuition fees

There are several Bachelor degree programes at New Bulgarian University that are in foreign language so that students from abroad have a chance to study at New Bulgarian University. These include Networking Technologies (in English), Psychology (in English), Politics and Society (in English) as well as Politique Internationale (in French). They usually last four years and students graduate with a Bachelor's degree that is internationally recognized. Students at New Bulgarian University are allowed to spend a semester abroad at one of the partner universities of New Bulgarian University - in Spain, Turkey, Germany, etc. 

Master degree programmes in English at New Bulgarian University include South East European Studies, American and British Studies, Brand Management, Cognitive Science, International Relations and Public Administration, Public Management, Strategic Leadership, Management and Economics of Sustainable Development, Management and Development of Human Resources, Desktop and Mobile Computers, Music Performance. They usually last between one and two years and students graduate with a Master's degree that is internationally recognized. 

The tuition fees for EU students who are enrolled in a Bachelor study programme at New Bulgarian University are about 600 Euro per academic year. Students from Macedonia and Palestina pay 750 Euro per year, where as non-EU students must pay 1350 Euro tuition fees per academic year.

New Bulgarian University - application and admission

If you wish to apply at New Bulgarian University, you have to fill out an application form, write an essay, sit an entrance exam as well as submit several application documents. For instance, students who wish to start a Master's degree programme must provide a copy of their undergraduate diploma. 

Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria can help you apply at New Bulgarian University by guiding you throughout the whole application process, taking care of your relocation in Bulgaria as well as personally submit your application documents to New Bulgarian University. Contact us via [email protected] if you are interested!

New Bulgarian University - student dormitories and private apartments in Sofia

New Bulgarian University offers rooms in its student dormitory for students who are enrolled in a Bachelor and Master's study programme at New Bulgarian University. If you stay at the student dormitory of New Bulgarian University, you are likely to share the room with a roommate. 

If you want to find a private apartment in Sofia, please contact Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria so that we provide you with contact details of the best real-estate agents in Bulgaria. This way, you will be able to find an accommodation place in Sofia that is located in the neighbourhood of your interest - be it in the city centre, be it next to New Bulgarian University, be it the students neigbourhood in Sofia (Studentski grad). 

New Bulgarian University - student loan and scholarships

People who study at New Bulgarian University may apply for a student loan in Bulgaria if they want to finance their studies. Banks you can apply at include DSK Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Eurobank Bulgaria and Allianz Bank. International students must meet the following requirements if you wish to obtain a student loan in Bulgaria - be under 35 years old, be enrolled in a Bachelor's or a Master's degree programme at the university. Also, keep in mind that the student loan covers only the tuition fees in Bulgaria. Hence, students have to cover the living expenses in Bulgaria. 

New Bulgarian University offers also scholarships for students enrolled in a study programme at the university. Students must have good grades and participate in out-of-class activities in order to have a chance to apply for a scholarship in Bulgaria.