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Study at the New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University is one of the most modern and prestigious universities in Bulgaria – it offers many study programs in English in various fields ranging from Economics and International Politics to Psychology and Musical Performance! The university attracts many international students even for only a semester abroad thanks to the Erasmus+ EU program. To study at the New Bulgarian University means to make many friends with locals and foreigners, take advantage of a great quality of higher education and obtain an internationally recognized diploma that allows you to work abroad.

About the university

New Bulgarian University is one of the youngest universities in Bulgaria – it was established in 1991. The modern university facilities draw the attention of many applicants every year – the campus includes more than 100 lecture halls, a mock courtroom, an arts centre, laboratories, a museum, a library, a medical centre and many more useful places. Also, did you know that New Bulgarian University has a University Film Center and a University Theater?

New Bulgarian University has different departments which offer interesting study programs, for instance, the departments of Informatics, Political science, Cognitive science and Psychology, Foreign languages and cultures, Archeology, Economics, Music. Diplomas issued at New Bulgarian University are recognized in and outside Bulgaria so you can study or work abroad after graduation.

New Bulgarian University has many partner universities, e.g. in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain. Hence, if you apply at New Bulgarian University, you will be able to take advantage of the Erasmus+ EU program and spend a semester or two abroad. This way, you will gather priceless international experience and have a chance to learn a new foreign language.

The location of New Bulgarian University is also great! The capital of Bulgaria is one the best cities to live in as a student – here you can sign up for many events and leisure activities as well as take advantage of a big international airport! Also, near the university you will find a new metro station that connects the neighbourhood to the city centre – you can visit the main sightseeing places in Sofia in 20 minutes!

Study programs & Tuition fees

There are several Bachelor’s degree programs at New Bulgarian University that are in English. They include Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management, Networking Technologies, Philosophy, Politics and Society as well as Psychology. A study program in French is also available – Politique Internationale (International politics). Bachelor study programs last for four years and include internships which allow students to gather practical experience. Furthermore, students are allowed to spend a semester abroad at one of the partner universities of New Bulgarian University.

New Bulgarian University offers Master’s degree programs in English, Russian and French. The English study programs are American and British Studies – Comparative Approaches, Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archeology, Brand Management, Cognitive Science, Human Resource Management and Development, International Business Communications, Management and Economics of Sustainable Development, Musical Performance, Southeastern European Studies, Speech and Language Pathology, Strategic Leadership. The duration of a Master’s degree program is usually between one and two years.

The tuition fees at New Bulgarian University vary depending on the study program as well as the citizenship of the student. They are usually between 1500 and 3000 EUR per academic year. People who study at New Bulgarian University may apply for a student loan in Bulgaria or their home country if they want to finance their studies. 

Application & Entry requirements

If you wish to apply at New Bulgarian University, you have to fill out an application form, submit several documents as well as write an essay. Keep in mind that an entrance exam may be required too, depending on the study program of your choice.

Inter HECS can help you apply at New Bulgarian University by guiding you throughout the whole application process! Do not hesitate to contact our admission team if you are interested in our services!

Student life & Living costs

“Ne varietatem timeamus” is the motto of New Bulgarian University – it means “Let us not fear diversity”. The study programs available in different languages as well as the high number of Erasmus students at the university make student life very international! Various student societies often organize events and the university itself also engages students by offering useful internships and out-of-class activities.

Of course, life in Sofia itself is very vibrant too – there are many sightseeing places you can visit and Vitosha mountain is only about 30 minutes away by bus! Of course, students love to travel too – many bus lines connect Sofia to every part of Bulgaria. This way you can visit traditional Bulgarian villages, go to the Black Sea coast or explore the mountains in the country. Of course, catching a flight at the biggest international airport in Bulgaria, Sofia Airport, is also possible – this way you can visit your family back home regularly or go for a trip with friends you have made in Bulgaria.

Don’t worry about living costs in Sofia – they are lower in comparison to other countries in Western Europe. Most people who live in a private modern apartment in Sofia pay around 350 EUR per month, but the rent may be even cheaper depending on the neighbourhood you choose. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre is about 10 EUR and a one-way ticket for public transportation is 1.60 BGN (0.80 EUR). Street food in Sofia is also very common and quite cheap!

Student accommodation

Most students at New Bulgarian University rent an apartment near the university or in the city centre. You can choose any neighbourhood in Sofia, as there is a metro station only 5 minutes away from the university – it is called Miziya / New Bulgarian University. This means you can easily reach the lecture halls even if you live on the other side of the capital city.

If you choose to rent an apartment in Sofia, you have two main options – to live alone or to share an apartment with another person. If you live alone, you will have all facilities (incl. bedroom, bathroom and kitchen) for yourself. If you choose to live with another person, you usually share only the kitchen and the bathroom and every tenant has their private bedroom. The monthly rent for a modern private apartment is about 350 EUR, whereas for shared accommodation it is common that every tenant pays around 300 EUR per month. Of course, rent varies depending on the neighbourhood, how big and modern the apartment is and other aspects. Usually, bills are not included and tenancy agreements are signed for one year with the possibility of ending the contract with a one-month notice.

About the city

If you wish to apply for admission to New Bulgarian University, you probably wonder what life in Sofia looks like. In the following, we will discuss the following matters: living costs, leisure activities, travelling, safety and diversity.

When it comes to living costs in Bulgaria, Sofia is the most expensive city to live in. Usually, students pay around 350 EUR per month for rent. Nevertheless, this is relatively cheap in comparison to the price of accommodation in other countries. Eating out and transportation is quite affordable too – a student transportation card for all lines is about 11 EUR per month and a one-way ticket is around 0.80 EUR.

Of course, there are many leisure activities in Sofia – you can go to the cinema, bowling, go-karting, wall climbing, hiking, etc. There are also many sports facilities – playing football, tennis, basketball, badminton or simply going to the gym is quite common among students! There are also many shopping malls and restaurants which offer meals from different corners of the world, including halal and vegetarian dishes.

Travelling is also very convenient – Sofia Airport is the biggest airport in Bulgaria and is only 30 minutes away from the city centre by metro. Public transportation includes buses, trolleys, trams and metro. It is very cheap to travel around Sofia but also within Bulgaria – the central bus/railway station offers plenty of travel destinations!

Last but not least, Sofia is very safe and international. Here you will meet many people – the high number of prestigious universities as well as companies that hire foreign citizens have made Sofia an international hub that attracts more and more people from around the world.

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