Trakia University

Studentski Grad, Stara Zagora, BG

Top degrees

  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine

Total students


Tuition fees

€4000 - €7000



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Study at Trakia University in Stara Zagora

Located in the city of Stara Zagora, Trakia University attracts students from Bulgaria and countries all over Europe. It is a famous destination for people who wish to study Medicine and take advantage of cheap tuition fees and world class education.  

Why should you study at Trakia University?

Trakia University is suitable for people who wish to study Medicine or Veterinary Medicine in English and are eager to earn a Master's degree in six years. The higher education at Trakia University follows all international standards and will allow you to get a European diploma that is recognized all over the world. The high academic standards as well as the various internships the University offers for its students are the foundation of the success of all alumni who had the honor of graduating from Trakia University in Bulgaria. 

The professors involved in the Medicine and Veterinary Medicine programmes at Trakia University are experts in the respective fields and host lectures around the world which allows them to share with you their experience when it comes to clinical situations, patients and dealing with stress. 

The location of Trakia University is an undoubtful advantage. Located in the centre of Bulgaria, students at Trakia University have the chance to travel around Bulgaria and enjoy its mountains, sea side and landmarks.

Also, the tuition fees of Trakia University are cheaper in comparison to other European Universities that offer Medicine and Veterinary Medicine in English. 

Trakia University - Study Programmes and Tuition fees

If you want to study Medicine at Trakia University, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is here to help you apply at one of the best medical universities in Europe. The education lasts for six years and students obtain a Master's degree that is valid all around Europe as Bulgaria is part of the European Union. Medical students from Trakia University must pay 7000 Euro tuition fees per academic year. Hence, Trakia University is one of the best medical universities in Europe that have cheap tuition fees and attract students from all over the world. 

Of course, you can also study Veterinary Medicine at Trakia University. Trakia University is well-known for its high academic standards and veterinary students who graduate from Trakia University can only confirm this. Veterinary students at Trakia University pay 2550 Euro tuition fees per semester, meaning 5100 Euro per academic year. once you graduate, you obtain a Master's degree that is valid on an international level and will allow you to work abroad.

In February, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria organized a live session with current students in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine from Trakia University. They shared more information about Stara Zagora, Trakia University and student life in Bulgaria - we hope you enjoy watching it:

How do you apply at Trakia University?

Application at Trakia University is not very difficult but you still have to submit several documents that must be translated and legalized. Some application documents for Trakia University include an application form, a copy of your secondary education and passport size pictures. Keep in mind that the academic year at Trakia University starts in September / October so you should apply within the application deadline.

Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is here to help you apply at Trakia University. If you want to study Medicine or Veterinary Medicine at Trakia University, contact Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria. We are here to guarantee our place at the University and make sure that you have collected all of your application documents that are necessary for admission in Trakia University. In addition, we personally submit your documents because of our established partnership with Trakia University. Just send us an official inquiry to [email protected] with your educational background!