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Study at the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship welcomes foreign students to the capital city of Bulgaria! You can apply for admission in “Business management and marketing” in English and take advantage of practice-oriented subjects as well as the internships at international companies that the university partners with! The valuable skills and experience you will gain allow you to boost your CV and open many doors for you, especially if you are interested in working abroad after graduation!

About the university

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship is a private higher education institution in Bulgaria, which was founded in 2002. It offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English, welcomes Erasmus+ students and works together with many prestigious companies in the field of Economics and Banking. These partnerships as well as the modern university campus allow students to take advantage of practical lessons and internships during their studies.

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship is located in the “Ovcha Kupel’ neighbourhood in Sofia. There are many public transport stations nearby – for instance, tram 5 will take you directly to the city centre in less than 30 minutes! Most Bulgarian universities are located in the capital city too so you will be able to make many friends! The multicultural environment and the various leisure activities in Sofia make it easy for every foreign to enjoy their stay in Bulgaria!

Study programs & Tuition fees

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship offers “Business management and marketing” as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The program includes subjects like Economics, Brand Management, Psychology and Advertising. The duration of the course is 8 semesters (4 years) for the Bachelor’s degree. Completing the Master’s program takes between 2 or 3 semesters (one year – one year and a half) depending on your educational background. The tuition fees are 1500 EUR per semester and are paid to the university’s bank account.

Application & Entry requirements

To apply for admission, you need to submit your application documents to the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship. Entrance tests and interviews are not part of the admission process, but students need to carefully prepare all papers according to the university’s requirements. We offer full application services, so do not hesitate to contact our team!

Student life & Living costs

Whatever hobbies you may have – Sofia is the place to be! There are many parks where you can go biking and Vitosha mountain (located only 15 minutes away from the university by car) has very scenic hiking trails. Also, having dinner with friends at international restaurants or at the big modern shopping malls like Paradise Mall or The Mall are without a doubt some of the most beloved activities among students in Sofia. Furthermore, there are many sports facilities in each neighbourhood, so you will always have the chance to meet like-minded people!

Living costs in the capital city of Bulgaria are also affordable. To illustrate:

  • Rent for a modern apartment in the city centre: 300 – 400 EUR / month
  • A monthly pass for public transportation (all lines, with student discount) – around 11 EUR
  • A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre – around 10 EUR (it takes around 30 minutes)

It is normal to keep an eye on your wallet while you live abroad, so make sure to check our video about living on a student budget abroad!

Student accommodation

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship has a university hotel close to the campus where students can stay. It is located at 46 Lyublyana Str. and rent includes all bills. Parents of students who are enrolled in the university can book a room too. 

Most students look for private/shared accommodation in Sofia. In this case, rent should be between 250 and 400 EUR depending on many factors, such as where the apartment is, how big it is, how many people live in it, etc. Bills are usually not included. We recommend you find an English-speaking landlord so that you can easily communicate anytime you have questions during your stay in Sofia. As part of our services, we assist students with apartment hunting!

About the city

Around 2 million people live in the capital city of Bulgaria – this number includes many foreigners who have moved to Sofia to work or to study abroad. 

The city is safe and international. Here you can meet people from different corners of the world but also explore the local culture that includes many holidays, festivals and events. Being the capital city, Sofia has many parks, cinemas, gyms, shopping malls and international restaurants.

Furthermore, travelling to and from Sofia is very convenient – Sofia Airport is the biggest international airport in Bulgaria. The central bus and railway station offers lines to take you to different places around Bulgaria so that you explore the country – the mountains, traditional villages, natural wonders as well as the seaside are a must-visit!

Last but not least, the affordable living expenses make life in one of the best European capitals an adventure you should definitely go for!

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