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Study at the University of Forestry in Sofia

The University of Forestry is the only university in the capital city of Bulgaria that offers Veterinary Medicine in English. The excellent education that provides students with practical experience at farms around Bulgaria and the affordable living costs in Sofia draw the attention of many foreigners every year making the University of Forestry one of the most desirable places to study at. In the following, we have included more information about the admission and entry requirements of the University of Forestry as well as student life and accommodation in Sofia.

About the university

The history of the university dates back to 1953! Ever since its foundation, the university keeps introducing more and more research centres and modern university facilities to help students gain practical knowledge and get prepared for work after university. Did you know that the university has a museum and a botanical garden? Also, students at the University of Forestry obtain a degree that is internationally recognized – Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union so working abroad is an option after graduation!

There are six different faculties at the University of Forestry: Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Forest Industry, Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Faculty of Agronomy. All of them offer interesting study programs and include modern equipment and high-tech labs. The University of Forestry offers Veterinary Medicine in English – it is the only one to do so in the capital city of Bulgaria. The other Bulgarian university which offers this study program in English is Trakia University.

Students at the University of Forestry take advantage of a city full of great opportunities! Multiple leisure activities, job offers, restaurants and sports facilities, a big international airport – these are some of the key aspects that make Sofia a great place to study in. You will find the University of Forestry in the “Studentski grad” neighbourhood. The area is around 20 minutes away from the city centre by car, but usually, students use public transportation (especially metro and bus) to travel around Sofia. You can also spend your time around the university area – the name of the neighbourhood means “Students’ town”, so it has everything a student would ever need!

Study programs & Tuition fees

The University of Forestry is the only higher education institution in the capital city of Bulgaria that offers Veterinary Medicine in English. The duration of the course is five years and a half. The program consists of two types of lessons (lectures and seminars) and includes useful internships at farms around Bulgaria. Every year the university accepts around 50 students in Veterinary Medicine in English – the small groups allow students to quickly get to know their colleagues and keep in touch with the professors.

The tuition fees are 4800 EUR per academic year. They are paid in two instalments. The first half is to be paid around September at the beginning of the winter semester and the other half – around February, at the beginning of the summer semester. The University of Forestry does not provide a scholarship to cover the tuition fees, but students may apply for a student loan in their home country. Also, keep in mind that tuition fees do not cover accommodation and student books.

Application & Entry requirements

Admission to the University of Forestry is only possible after meeting several entry requirements like submitting documents and sitting an entrance test in Biology and English. Our office is based in Bulgaria so we can help you with all admission steps – this way you won’t worry about getting a university spot!

The entry exam plays a crucial role when it comes to successful admission. It takes place online in September. The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions – the first 10 are based on a scientific text included in the exam papers. Its goal is to check the comprehension and language skills of the applicants. The exam takes 120 minutes. The academic year starts a few weeks after the entrance exam.

Student life & Living costs

Don’t worry about student life in Sofia! The University of Forestry is located in the “Studentski grad” neighbourhood – this is where most universities in Sofia are. This area is full of life, even in the late hours of the night – there are many restaurants and shops!

It is indeed the international universities in Sofia that make the environment very multicultural – you can easily meet students from all around the world who are enrolled in a study program in Bulgaria in the field of Economics, Engineering, Sports, and Medicine. There are also many events organized by upper-year students to help you adjust quickly to university life.

Sofia as a capital city offers many leisure activities like bowling, go-karting, wall climbing, or sports like yoga, dancing and boxing to make your everyday life more interesting and fun! If you like nature, make sure to visit Vitosha mountains – it is 15 minutes away by car from the “Studentski grad” neighbourhood!

Last but not least, living on a student budget in a European capital has never been easier! Living expenses in Sofia are much cheaper in comparison to other big cities abroad. To illustrate, renting a nice private apartment in the central area is around 350-400 EUR per month, a student transportation card for all lines is 11 EUR per month and a taxi ride from the airport to the city centre (it takes around half an hour) is only about 10 EUR. The expenses for grocery shopping are similar to ones in Western Europe, but eating out at restaurants is much more affordable when compared to other European capital cities – this is why students love to grab lunch or enjoy dinner with their friends in the city centre.

Student accommodation

If you study at the University of Forestry, you have two options for accommodationthe student dormitory or a private/shared apartment.

The student dormitories are based in the “Studentski grad” neighbourhood close to the university campus. Usually, the rooms there are shared between 2 or 3 students. It is important to point out that places at the student dormitory are limited and you can apply for a room only after university enrolment.

It is common for international students at the University of Forestry to look for an apartment in the “Studentski grad” neighbourhood. The rent of a modern private apartment in this area is around 300 EUR per month. Life in this neighbourhood is quite vibrant – there are many universities, sports facilities and restaurants. Of course, you can also live in the city centre, as the university campus is easily accessible via public transportation. Bus lines #94 and #280 connect “Studentski grad” to the city centre, but the fastest way of travelling around Sofia is the metro – two metro stations near the University of Forestry are G.M. Dimitrov and Musagenitsa.

If you prefer to rent an apartment, it might be a good idea to travel to Sofia first. This way you will be able to check out different apartments and make an informed decision on where you want to live. This will help you compare prices and give you a more realistic perspective on accommodation in the capital city. Also, keep in mind that students usually use the services of an estate agent. Of course, we also help our students with accommodation hunt, so do not hesitate to contact us!

About the city

Sofia is located in Western Bulgaria – it is the largest city in the country. Students at the University of Forestry as well as foreigners who work in the capital city appreciate the big international airport – to be able to fly back home over the holidays or to simply travel to different countries are two things that are very important to every person who lives abroad.

If you like to be active in your free time and to be out in nature, you will be pleasantly surprised by Sofia! There are many parks in the city centre and in the suburbs – jogging, playing football or tennis as well as biking are undoubtedly some of the most beloved hobbies among locals. Furthermore, there are many mountains nearby – Plana, Stara planina, Lyulin, Sredna gora. Even the main pedestrian street – Vitosha Boulevard, is named after Vitosha mountain which you can see from every corner of the capital city.

Of course, there are many fun ways to spend your free time, too! You can go bowling with your friends, solve puzzles in some of the escape rooms in the city centre, compete in go-karting, release some stress at one of Sofia’s paintball fields, ride a horse or even go for a boat ride in Borisova garden park.

And finally, if you look for a city marked by a multicultural environment – Sofia is the place to be. Just go to the city centre and you will feel the vibe – on every corner you will see a different restaurant that offers dishes from countries on the other side of the globe. People of different religions are welcome here – Sofia is pronounced the “Capital of Tolerance”!

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